SR5 development: Wireless bonuses

JHardy - 04.05.2013 6:48PM

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, one of the main design philosophies going into Shadowrun, Fifth Edition is that we like Shadowrun, Fourth Edition. One of the noble tasks of Fourth Edition was involving hackers more in the action, thanks to the existence of the wireless Matrix. Wireless activity gave them all sorts of cool things to do, including shutting down wireless-enabled guns. They may not be able to shoot as well as some of the other players, but by taking out another combatant’s gun, they can be powerfully effective in a fight. Read More

SR5 Art Blog: The Character As The Hero

Randall Bills - 22.04.2013 7:07PM

It’s time to throw out some good tips to those of you out in fandom who like to draw stuff for your games. One of the coolest things about working on an awesome property like Shadowrun is that there is a massive, thriving, active fanbase out there running amok without any constraints at all, and expanding the collective shadows in an organic way that is all their own. I freaking love that, and the fact that most of SR’s best artists came out of that creative mosh pit makes them all the better in my opinion. In fact some of my favorite illustrations were unofficial fan images. So it’s with the fans in mind (and the chance to expand my art corps) that I wanted to leak to the community some art tips and clues about illustrating a new generation of awesomeness here in Shadowrun, Fifth Edition. Read More

SR5 development: Pathways to Power for Adepts

JHardy - 21.04.2013 10:32AM

Okay, fun fact: One of our best-selling PDF-only products in recent years is The Way of the Adept. It was written by a dedicated freelancer who wanted to give adepts a boost because he felt they were underpowered. It was edited by a member of of the Shadowrun development team who believes adepts were, if anything, overpowered. Read More

Crossfire: The Black Market

Randall Bills - 10.04.2013 11:41AM

The Black Market deck is the heart of Shadowrun: Crossfire. It’s where you and your fellow runners pick out the tools you’ll need to get the job done. And you won’t be disappointed. Our design philosophy for the Black Market cards was that every one of them should be special. We cut anything that felt like filler and left it to rot in an alley. Read More