Sprawl Gangers Designer Diary 6

Randall Bills - 30.07.2013 11:18PM

Wow…it’s been awhile since a Sprawl Gangers Designer Diary. An apology for that. The launch of the Year of Shadowrun has proven…well…significantly more time intensive than we gave it credit for, so I’ve not been able to keep up on these as I would’ve liked. Read More

Crossfire: Taking Out The Trash

Randall Bills - 09.07.2013 11:30AM

Deck-building games have a tradition of allowing you to remove cards from your deck (“trashing” them) during the course of the game. That allows you to remove the least significant cards from your deck and therefore gain greater access to your best cards. Shadowrun: Crossfire doesn’t have trashing, and I’m here to explain why. Read More

Crossfire: Taking It To The Next Level

Randall Bills - 28.06.2013 9:57AM

In previous articles we’ve told you about the mechanics within the Shadowrun: Crossfiredeck-building game. Things like how to defeat an enemy and how to help your teammates. This time, we’re taking it to the next level and talking about one feature that makes Crossfire really stand out. Read More