The complete GenCon Shadowrun release rundown

Randall Bills - 08.08.2012 5:05PM

GenCon is approaching exactly like a speeding train, and we here at Shadowrun central are ready to be run over. It’s going to be a whale of a con–from seminar updates about the tabletop line, Shadowrun Returns, and Shadowrun Online, to dozens of sold-out games, to seven new products, we’ve got a lot going on. Read More

Catalyst Game Labs & Harebrained Schemes Attending Pax Prime 2012

Randall Bills - 30.07.2012 5:07PM

Catalyst Game Labs is attending Pax Prime for the first time! Come check out all the latest releases for BattleTechShadowrunCosmic Patrol and yes, Leviathans will be there and on sale! We’ll have other board and card games for sale, such as Balance of Power, as well as showing off additional games coming down the pipeline, such as the successful Kickstarter tile laying game, The Duke. Read More

Shadowrun Gen Con 2012 Seminar

Randall Bills - 25.07.2012 5:08PM

By any definition, 2012 has been a banner year for Shadowrun fans around the globe. From a slew of tabletop books from Catalyst Game Labs, to the fantastically run Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter from Harebrained Schemes, to the current Shadowrun Online Kickstarter by Cliffhanger Productions: if you’re a fan of the mean streets of the Sixth World sprawls, there’s something here for you. Read More

Hero Lab for Shadowrun adds new content!

Randall Bills - 03.05.2012 5:10PM

The Shadowrun universe is large, and Hero Lab for Shadowrun keeps expanding! The latest expansion includes material from Runner’s Companion and the PDF-only product Safehouses, which, among other things, expands on the alternate lifestyle rules from Runner’s Companion. Check out the many things Hero Lab supports at this page, and make character creation and management easier than ever!