Crossfire: Crossing Genres

Randall Bills - 05.02.2013 1:03PM

Designing Shadowrun: Crossfire has been a happy blend of translation and innovation.

Translation matters because Shadowrun goes beyond being a beloved roleplaying game. Shadowrun is one of the touchstones. Even gamers who have never played Shadowrun know that the game takes cyberpunk, magic, Native American shamans, elves, and orks, and purees them into its own brand of Kurosawa-touched street noir. Read More

SR5 dev blog: Where do dice come from?

Randall Bills - 02.02.2013 11:59AM

Well, when a Mommy Die and a Daddy Die love each other very much …

No, that’s a subject for another time. What I wanted to talk about here were dice pools. Shadowrun rules are built around figuring out how many dice to roll and then rolling those suckers. Read More

Soliciting for Shadowrun Miniatures Game Playtesters

Randall Bills - 30.01.2013 4:22PM

As announced, Catalyst Game Labs has begun development on a Shadowrun miniatures game, Sprawl Gangers, to be produced and published in conjunction with Cool Mini Or Not.

Ross Watson and Randall N. Bills are hard at work developing the game play and campaign play rules right now. However, despite a large and healthy playtest pool to draw from, Catalyst Game Labs is looking to expand that pool for the development of Sprawl Gangers. Read More

Shadowrun: Crossfire Overview

Randall Bills - 22.01.2013 10:02PM

Danger lurks behind every card in the Shadowrun: Crossfire adventure deck-building game. You and up to three friends can take on the darkest allies and most powerful corporations of the 2070s as you make a run through the shadows. You’ll improve your character as you play by buying Hacking, Spell, Weapon, and Skill cards from the Black Market to add to your deck. Read More

The Year of Shadowrun

Randall Bills - 21.12.2012 8:23PM

December 21st marks the end of the Mayan calendar, which launched the return of magic and the beginning of Shadowrun’s “Sixth World.” In our own world, this date launches The Year of Shadowrun, where we bring you an avalanche of superb games set in the ever-popular and fantastic Shadowrun universe, one of the most dynamic and long-standing fictional settings of all time.

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