The tabletop roleplaying game is where Shadowrun began!


An RPG is similar to improvisational theater. A gamemaster runs the game, while a group of players pretend they are characters set in the dystopian near-future. These character are created by the players, given a history and personality, and then further defined by a set of statistics that represent the character’s skills and attributes-as developed in the character creation process. The gamemaster then presents the setting and situation: through their characters, the players interact with the storyline and other characters, developing their own stories and high adventure during every game session.


Shadowrun is much more than a simple roleplaying game. Its unique and dynamic universe is proactive, with over-arcing storylines twisting and shaping the universe as additional sourcebooks are released. This creates a vibrant, breathing universe in which players can carve out their own street cred and amass nuyen, all the while watching out for the megacorps, dragons and other world-level threats that can cut their careers short. Deadly short.


Have you clicked on the image on the right and downloaded the free quick-start rules? Cause there’s where it all starts, chummer!

Beyond that, while players are free to delve into the various aspects of this website, tabletop Shadowrun has a comprehensive website dedicated to all aspects of that experience: a complete catalog of all its sourcebooks and rulebooks; universe pages and timelines that easily immerses players into the universe; complete forums that house a vibrant and active community; and more.

Dive right into the tabletop RPG with the Getting Started page, and discover the intensity of running the shadows with your friends!


Catalyst Game Labs revitalized Shadowrun with the publication of the award-winning Twentieth Anniversary Edition core rulebook, along with a full catalog of supporting books. Catalyst is dedicated to producing high quality games and fiction that mesh sophisticated game mechanics with dynamic universes-all presented in a form that allows beginning players and long-time veterans to easily jump into our games and fiction readers to enjoy our stories even if they don’t know the games. Find Catalyst Game Labs online at