Shadowrun Setting Sales Records; Deluxe Mayan Edition Returns

Randall Bills - 09.08.2013 2:25PM

In less than a month, Shadowrun, Fifth Edition has become the best-selling PDF of all time in the more than ten years of DriveThruRPG operations, while setting the same standard for Catalyst Game Labs online store.

Additionally, the online allotment of the Shadowrun 5 Deluxe “Mayan” Limited Edition sold out in less than a week. Taking that fantastic excitement from the exploding Shadowrun community into account, Catalyst has worked with the printer to make additional Deluxe “Mayan” Editions available. We’ll have a good stock available at Gen Con, and the online bundles that include this book are available once more…while supplies last.

For people who have already bought the Mayan edition and want to make sure it keeps its cachet as a very limited book, here are a few things we considered when making this change.

1. Selling out as fast as we did meant that some hadn’t even heard of it yet before it was all gone. Providing an expanded number gives those fans a small window to grab one.

2. It’s still less than 3% of the first print run, which by any definition is a “Limited Edition.”

3. If current pre-orders are any indication, within the first year it’ll be less than 1% of available books…again, extremely Limited by any definition.


Retailers, while the Deluxe “Mayan” Limited Edition will not be available in stores, the Shadowrun 5 Limited Edition is available for ordering, while supplies last. Additionally, don’t forget our Case Pack Deal of ordering 6 copies of any hardcover edition and receive a free in-store softcover book!

The Street Date for the print version of Shadowrun, Fifth Edition has not yet been announced, but keep watching this space for news in the near future!

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