Final Shadowrun, Fifth Edition PDF Preview & Reviews

Randall Bills - 07.07.2013 9:38PM

We just uploaded the sixth and final PDF preview for Shadowrun, Fith Edition. It’s a good swath of the Matrix chapter, as well as the entire Table of Contents.

If you’ve not already downloaded it, grab it off of the downloads page and check it out.

Not yet seen any of the other previews? The downloads‘ page contains all of the PDF previews showing off SR5. Additionally, under Media, don’t forget to check out The Year of Shadowrun PDF that showcases all the fantastic games–from the RPG to card game to board games to computer games–that are releasing over the next year.

Additionally, we’ve had a slew of reviews from a variety of sources covering the book. We’re compiling them here so there’s a single location for the community to check it out…many more reviews coming in the near future and we’ll update the list as they come in.

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Second Left RPG: Review: Shadowrun 5th Edition (Part I)

En World RPG News & Reviews: Shadowrun 5th Edition: Coming Soon to a MegaCorp Near You!

Finally, don’t forget that July 11th is when the PDF & Print Preorder go on sale…just 5 more days!

See ya then, chummers!