Shadowrun: Crossfire Overview

Randall Bills - 22.01.2013 10:02PM

Danger lurks behind every card in the Shadowrun: Crossfire adventure deck-building game. You and up to three friends can take on the darkest allies and most powerful corporations of the 2070s as you make a run through the shadows. You’ll improve your character as you play by buying Hacking, Spell, Weapon, and Skill cards from the Black Market to add to your deck. Each turn you’ll use some of these cards to overcome a variety of obstacles to your mission and threats to your lives. You will also have to contend with the dreaded Crossfire deck. Every round a new Crossfire event will throw you a curveball, you know, just to keep things interesting. You might have a Reversal of Fortune, encounter an Astral Surge, juggle a Grenade! or have to deal with the enemy’s Hardened Defenses. Each time you play you can choose from one of three missions contained in the box, each more difficult than the last. You can cut your teeth on Caught in the Crossfire, gain experience running an Extraction, and finally you might have to Deal with a Dragon. But don’t worry, it’ll be easy . . . Trust me!

It won’t be easy. We designed Shadowrun: Crossfire as a cooperative game, to create a quick and fun way to experience the Shadowrun universe. Just like the Shadowrun RPG, our game world is deadly and difficult. You shouldn’t expect to win more than half the time when you get together with your friends to play. Since runs go bad so often, we added an Abort mechanic. You’ll have a chance to at least get out alive once you’ve failed your mission. Why would that matter? Well, we’ve also made Shadowrun: Crossfire into an evolving game. Your character will gain a little Karma even on an aborted run, and much more if you complete the run successfully. What can you do with that Karma? We’ll explain that soon enough. Keep an eye out for more updates from the Shadowrun: Crossfire team

—Gregory Marques, Lead Designer