The complete GenCon Shadowrun release rundown

Randall Bills - 08.08.2012 5:05PM

GenCon is approaching exactly like a speeding train, and we here at Shadowrun central are ready to be run over. It’s going to be a whale of a con–from seminar updates about the tabletop line, Shadowrun Returns, and Shadowrun Online, to dozens of sold-out games, to seven new products, we’ve got a lot going on.

Wait–did I just say seven new products? Yes. Yes I did. The complete rundown follows, but if you want the entire update on Catalyst’s GenCon products, including fabulous games like Leviathans and Balance of Power, a new book to go with the ENnie-nominated Cosmic Patrol, and new BattleTech products, you should head over to the Catalyst Game Labs site.

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