Shadowrun Universe Website Launches!

Randall Bills - 29.04.2012 5:13PM

With the Shadowrun Return Kickstarter wrapping up, launches as the new locale to house the community excitement around all things Shadowrun.

“I’ve been in gaming for a very long time, and been in the industry for a good long time as well,” said Randall Bills, Managing Developer for Catalyst Game Labs. “And in that time there’s been a pile of situations where the gaming community has brought a huge smile to my face with their excitement and enthusiasm. Yet the last few weeks watching Shadowrun Returns unfold has been one of the crowning achievements of watching what a passionate and dedicated community can accomplish. I’m honored to play a small part in what you’ve all achieved. Thank you.”

Along with Harebrained Schemes and Cliffhanger Productions, Catalyst Game Labs is excited to launch the Shadowrun Universe website: a single location for any one that loves the setting, from tabletop to computer games, fiction to art…any fan can find a place to talk about their favorite exploits in the Sixth World.

Check it out!