Continue exploring the Sioux Nation with Butte ebook and new fiction!

JHardy - 01.10.2015 12:05PM

Our ebook explorations of the Sioux Nation are moving ahead with two new books (one a bit newer than the other). The newest one provides a look at the shadowy goings-on in the city of Butte, and it goes by the easy-to-remember title of Butte (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG). The other one, the new short fiction from Shadowrun novel author R.L. King, who wrote Borrowed Time, is called Wolf and Buffalo (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG, Amazon), and it takes you into the intrigue and deep traditions of Sioux Nation residents. Read all about it here.

The Power of the Community

Randall Bills - 15.08.2015 12:34PM

Hoi Chummers, we’ve just posted a Tumblr on the awesome power of the Shadowrun community! Specifically, it deals with the layers permeating back and forth between computer games and the tabletop, as illustrated by the first full length campaign mod by the Shadowrun Identity Project that is based on the classic paperback sourcebook Mercurial. Read all about it here.

Chrome Flesh now available for PDF purchase and print pre-order!

JHardy - 30.06.2015 10:55PM

The Sixth World is, of course, a horribly dystopian place, but it also is a place where people face the wondrous possibilities of making entirely new versions of themselves. Any part of the metahuman body can be replaced, and the new augmentations sourcebook Chrome Flesh (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG) is your guide to all the possibilities. With cyberware, bioware, nanotech, genetech, and a host of new chemicals, this book gives runners dozens of ways to amp up their game–and see just how much of their humanity they’re willing to fritter away. It also comes with full tables listing all Shadowrun, Fifth Edition augmentations to this point! Want more information? Click here.

Data Trails out! And a new novel! Shadowrun awesomeness explodes!

JHardy - 27.05.2015 6:13PM

Do you like hacking the Matrix? Do you feel the need for new programs? Qualities aimed specifically at deckers and technomancers? Advice on playing and running the Matrix? A two-column example of how Matrix play proceeds? Information on artificial intelligences, Dissonance pools, and other deeply weird parts of the Matrix? All this, and art that springs from the most deeply deranged art notes we’ve ever assembled? Then you should know about Data Trails, the new core Matrix sourcebook for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition. It is now available for PDF purchase and print pre-order (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG), including various bundle configurations that also offer a sweet limited edition. Read More

New Shadowrun campaigns out for PDF purchase, print pre-order!

Randall Bills - 09.05.2015 5:32PM

We’ve just released two new campaigns for a variety of fantastic action within the Sixth World.

First up is Shadowrun: Lockdown, now available for print-pre-order and PDF purchase (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG). This crossover plot book covers a slew of details of what’s going down in Boston and ties into the action of Shadowrun: Chronicles. And next up is Bloody Business–also available for print-pre-order and PDF purchase (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG)–a campaign book in the style of Jet Set and Artifacts Unbound. Learn about the two releases here.

The dark side of Shadowrun stretches its legs with two new releases

JHardy - 24.04.2015 11:57PM

We all know that Shadowrun is not the happiest of game universes, but for those of you who like to add a nice heaping of extra darkness to your games and reading –and who doesn’t? – we have two new releases for you today!

First up is a new e-book called 10 Terrorists (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG). 10 Terrorists looks at some dark parts of human nature and how this can be used in your Shadowrun games. We understand that not everyone wants to go where this book goes, but for those who do, the book has some ways to throw new twists and dangers at shadowrunners while fleshing out the dangers of the Sixth World. Read More

New adventure continues Shadowrun’s exploration of the Sioux Nation

JHardy - 07.04.2015 2:04PM

The Shadows in Focus: Sioux Nation series continues forward! With previous books focusing on the Sioux Nation as a whole and the city of Cheyenne, we now have a new adventure that will plunge runners into a tumultuous family and political feud that could have repercussions for millions of Sioux Nation residents–and plenty of people beyond those borders. The adventure is called Starving the Masses (Battlecorps, DriveThruRPG) – learn more about it here.