Update #19: And the winner is. . .

Mike McCain - 22.05.2012 5:37PM

First, we want to thank everyone for your support, your patience and your interesting debates on the shadowrun.com forums. It was great to listen to y’all discuss why you voted for the city you did!

It was also great to interact with you on the forums, in private messages, on Facebook, on Kickstarter mail–everywhere we could find you. The Shadowrun Community is full of great people! Read More

Update #17: It’s a Horse Race!

Mike McCain - 11.05.2012 5:38PM

Almost the minute our Second City Backer’s Survey went out, we began receiving responses. Within the first 2 minutes, we hit almost 500 votes!

It’s been fun refreshing the results page and seeing the votes come in. So fun, in fact, that we thought we’d share them with you. Read More