The Game

Character Creation

Q: Can you do a lot of customization with your character?
A: You’ll be able to choose a portrait from pretty good sized list with more coming after launch. You’ll be able to change your outfit from a pretty big list and we plan to put out more after launch. You’ll be able to choose your skin color from a list of 5-7. You’ll be able to change your hair, horns, and beard. You can choose your archetype and gender. In the Gamespot interview, they listed Deckers, Riggers, Mages, Shamans, Physical Adepts and Street Samurai as starting Archetypes.

Q: Will there be the capability to control color palette shifts on costumes within the editor?
A: No, but we plan to give you the ability to choose a skin color for your character.

Q: Are there any downsides to picking a metahuman race for your character?
A: We reflect the pros and cons of each metahuman race in terms of stats bonuses at character creation.

Q: Is it possible to make the player character something outside of the available races at char gen, using other assets
A: No.

Saving System

Q: What will the save system be like?
A: We’re planning a checkpoint system. No one on the team likes checkpoints better than save any time you want. But we’re a small team with a LOT to do and save games are complicated. Thanks for understanding.

Q: Where are the default checkpoints? Will we be able to place checkpoints where we want with the Editor?
A: The default is before and after a “scene” which might be a run or might be a chunk of roleplaying/legwork in a location. We’d like to give player-GMs the ability to place checkpoints where they want but it’s complicated and will likely not make it into the final release.

Q: Are checkpoint saves tied to characters, or to events?
A: The game auto-saves at each checkpoint, which we try to space to at most 15 minutes apart. Your checkpoints will be listed on the main menu by character, you can reload any auto-save on the list. Multiple characters will not mess with each other’s save games.

Moving Around

Q: Is there some sort of starting area for the player to wander around? Could the player have a house like with the lifestyle system?
A: Our first story is pretty linear. You’ll have a safehouse that you return to regularly but you’ll go from there to a place you can wander or to a run. Using the editor, you can totally do what you want.

Q: What will the maximum party size be?
A: In general, party size will max out at 4 BUT that doesn’t include drones and summoned spirits. Drone limit is still being balanced but will likely be two per rigger. [Note: At either SXSW or Twitch they mentioned a maximum size of 10 total including drones and spirits.]

Q: Will we be able to create drone NPCs that are not under the control of a rigger?
A: Yes. You can also have AI controlled riggers.

Q: Will there be opportunity or reaction fire by NPCs or PCs?
A: It is absolutely planned AND implemented. PCs also have the option to “overwatch” on their turn too!

Q: Will it be possible to adjust the speed with which the characters move?
A: That would be another feature and we have no budget for it. Sorry about that. The pacing feels very different when you’re playing vs. watching.

Q: Will it be possible to turn AI on for our own characters?
A: No. We believe in giving our players full control. Also, it would already add to our seriously heavy AI schedule and we just can’t afford it.

Q: If combat starts after a conversation, will the runners stay still or automatically go for cover?
A: The AI never takes control of your characters in the game.

Q: Do you have to manually control the entire party in Freemove mode?
A: Hired runners will follow you around in Free Move Mode, in duckling mode.

Q: Will there be a city map to determine where to go? Or possibly an objective marker in a hud?
A: We’ll use an objective marker on your HUD and a compass pointer too.

Q: Can we have the ability to turn that off?
A: No.

Q: Can we turn off the indicator icons for doors, computers, vents in the HUD?
A: Interactive items can be hidden, as in the indicator that is interactive can be turned off.

Q: Is there a sound mechanic that triggers enemy alertness?
A: Yes, enemies are alerted by noise.


Q: What is the Initiative mechanism to decide who goes first?
A: The way it’s currently implemented, your PCs appear on the HUD in the order you hire them on the hiring screen.You can switch to any PC at any time (until they’re out of AP) to move them tactically. Therefore, initiative doesn’t really matter since turns go team-by-team.

We HAD initiative and interleaved movement (highest initiative character – PC or NPC goes first, then the next one, etc.) but it was confusing and didn’t play well. You could never make a plan and execute it.

Q: Will there be ways to get more AP for some archtypes/NPCs, or is everyone stuck at a default 3?
A: Default is likely 2 and you can get another as you progress. Wired Reflexes give you +1 AP, Magical attunement does the same thing for mages/shaman/adepts, Haste Spell temporarily increases AP, and Jazz (a drug) temporarily increases AP.

Q: [When under influence of Haste] does the movement rate per AP remain the same?
A: Movement distance can be affected by a different spell but I can’t remember its name.


Q: Is cover calculated relative to the position of each enemy?
A: Yes, mostly. Cover applies to the cardinal points but not diagonals. When you mouse over a position, the UI will tell you all the points you have cover from. Anything between targets can be cover (like a chair) and cover is additive.

Q: Will range be shown for weapons?
A: All enemies will have your % chance to hit over their heads if you have line of sight.

Q: Is flanking (side/back) a damage modifier?
A: There is no damage mod from flanking.

Q: When we are behind the doorway, are we are behind cover?
A: When you are behind a wall/doorway, you have full cover. The UI won’t tell you because a wall is not a prop (like a crate).

Q: Can you run away from a fight, e.g. if you are outmatchd?
A: Not really, no. You could reload a save game and hire better runners, though.

Q: For a user generated mission, would we be able to implement a trigger which would end the combat and/or allow you to flee?
A: Yes.

Health and Death

Q: Will runners heal in between combats automatically?
A: You don’t autoheal between runs.

Q: Must spells and “health packs” be used?
A: We have Heal spells, med-packs (and soon, the ability to repair drones) in the game.

Q: Will SRR have Stim/Trauma/Slap Patches?
A: We went hardcore and have the drugs Jazz, Kamikaze and Nitro in the game – way better than those weak stim patches. As for Healing we have full on med kits that you can boost the effectiveness of with your BioTech skill.

Q: Will drugs raise attributes for a while, then result in a temporary penalty?
A: They just raise them for a duration.

Q: Which, if any, addiction effects does SRR force on characters that use drugs?
A: No, we did not simulate addiction.

Q: Will there be lingering damage?
A: Damage is persistent until healed by either player means or GM means.

Q: Will there be damage effects to cyberware?
A: No damage to cyberware is modeled. Might be fun in the future, though.

Q: What happens if a runner dies?
A: Death is permanent, unless a runner has a DocWagon card. Then they will be revived after the run.

Q: If Armitage is essential to the plot, what happens if you hire him for a run and he gets killed?
A: Jake has Doc Wagon. More on that later!

Q: Does perma-death apply to PCs?
A: No. If your PC dies, you restart from a checkpoint.

Q: Do certain “plot-critical” NPCs have DocWagon, so if you ‘kill’ them they can appear again later on?
A: Plot-critical NPCs have DocWagon, yes.

Looting and Persistent Bodies

Q: Are you planning on making corpses lootable?
A: Corpse looting involves a loot system and associated systems that interact with it. As much as we wanted one and designed one, we don’t have the funding to implement it in this version of the game. If we’d done like the SNES and Sega games and gave you one PC/character class and no race choices to play, we might have had time for it. We invested in giving you ownership of your character, knowing that we could add things like that down the road if the game were successful.

Fortunately, the editor allows you to drop items on death of an NPC. In the Campaign this will be mainly used for key items such as passkeys, but in player-made missions this can include other items and money.

A mail conversation between RC and HBS clarified the reasons HBS has for disappearing bodies.

The paraphrased version:

– Dead bodies can cause clipping issues where their sprites collide with other sprites.
– If bodies can be walked through, that too would cause clipping issues which they felt looks crappy.
– Solid bodies that block the path could result in roadblocks, coding around that would take programming time they preferred spending elsewhere.
– Leaving bodies on the screen would give the impression they could be looted, while they can’t.
– Specific NPC deaths can still be programmed to leave behind bodies and/or items in the Editor.

These factors led the developers to decide to leave that feature out. However, as stated in a Gamespot interview they have implemented Gore, where blood spatters fade over a longer time.


Q: In the Alpha video footage, Lady Z carries a lot of weapons. Is there an upper limit?
A: The number of weapons a character can carry at one time is less that Lady Z had, I believe.

Q: Do the different weapons have different 3D models on the character? Will the HUD icons match the weapons?
A: We haven’t modeled every weapon in the game. We’ve modeled 2 or 3 versions of each category. The icons will be unique for each weapon, though. They’re based upon the original art in the sourcebooks.

Q: Is ammo unlimited, or will we need to manage that?
A: Ammo is unlimited but you must spend an AP to reload.

Q: Will there be ammo types?
A: No ammo types.

Q: Will there be an option/support for dual-wielding?
A: No dual wield for now. Jordan designed it. Mitch said no. Please don’t be a Mitch hater :P.

Q: Are weapon modifications planned for future expansions?
A: No mods planned but if the game is successful, who knows what we might be able to add in the future?

Q: Will there be class limits as to who can have ware implanted?
A: If you’re willing to take the Essence hit, you can take the cyber.

Q: How does armor work?
A: Armor is a big part of the calculation that determines the “staging” of damage. Our damage “stages” from 1/2 damage to 2x damage and the more armor you have the better your chances are for “staging” the damage down towards the 1/2 scale. On the other hand, increasing your weapon specialization increases your chance of “staging” up the damage.

Q: Will cybernetics and armour show on my character?
A: Things like cyber arms will show up. Can’t promise everything will, though.

Q: Will armor show on our 3D avatars? What do gear sets do exactly?
A: Armor is an item but does not have a physical appearance. Think of it as kevlar beneath your outfit. Gear sets can affect stats.

Q: Will the gear sets be single outfits or a combination of different pieces of gear?
A: Single outfits.

Q: Will the process of buying new drones be relatively linear, so that better models simply cost additional nuyen, or will we be able to make some balancing choices?
A: We haven’t balanced drones yet so I can’t say but we’d love to give you some balancing choices.

Q: Does the negotiation skill have a pre-built formula to set prices at vendors?
A: You can modify the prices. There is no negotiation skill but I think you can mess with triggers to have them lower prices while in a conversation.


Q: How is magic handled in SRR?
A: Many magic spells have a “cooldown,” rated in turns. If you cast again before the cooldown, you take HP “drain” damage.
Additionally, different spells were shown to have different AP-cost in the Alpha Video.

Q: What can Spirits do?
A: As shown in the Alpha Videos, Spirits can both attack with normal ranged attacks and cast spells.

Q: Do Ley Lines affect conjuration or summoning/controlling spirits? Do spirits benefit from Ley Lines?
A: Only mages benefit from Ley Lines.

Q: What is the difference between summoning and conjuration?
A: Conjuration is the shaman skill that covers non-summoning abilities such as fire barrier.

Q: Can we both conjure and spellcast?
A: SRR is a classless system, so you can start as a mage and then use karma to gain shaman abilities.

Q: Do Conjuration and Spellcasting share their spell list?
A: Different lists.

Q: Are there any spells that require a melee attack to touch the target first?
A: We have no spells that require touch.

Q: Will Shaman characters be able to pick their own totem?
A: Shamans can pick their totem.

Q: What totems are going to be in the game?
A: Current list is: Eagle, Bear, Raccoon, Cat, and Coyote. Subject to change.

Q: Will a totem have any more impact than a simple mechanical benefit?
A: Not until we can make a Shadowrun game with a lot bigger budget than we have!

Q: What impact will your totem have on gameplay?
A: Different totems are planned to provide different buffs.

Q: Will your character’s Totem limit your conversation options?
A: Your totem will not affect your social choices. Feel free to roleplay that, though!

Q: Will we be able to create triggers depending on the player’s Totem?
A: Great idea but we didn’t implement that functionality.

DRM vs. DRM Free

Harebrained Schemes’ clarification: Whats the Deal with DRM-free and other questions


Q: How long will the Dead Man’s Switch campaign be?
A: About 12 hours, depending on how careful you are.

Q: Will there be console versions?
A: No plans for a console version.

Q: Any chance of seeing an Ouya port of the Android version?
A: Any chance? Yes. Anytime soon? No.

Q: How is the gameplay on the iPad (mini)?
A: The game plays about the same on tablets as it does on PCs but you don’t have the advantage of hot keys and resolution changes.

Q: Will be possible to change the skins of the basic metaspecies?
A: We plan to let you change skin color but blue is not one of the choices.

Q: What level will the Berlin Campaign be optimized for?
A: We’re of two minds on Berlin and currently undecided.

Q: Will we be able to use our PCs in other campaigns and player missions?
A: Our “plan of record” is to allow you to use your saved character in any GM’s stories. We’ll see if we succeed!

Q: Will the camera be movable?
A: You can move the camera.

Q: Will there be any ability to zoom in closer and out further?
A: The camera is not locked. Players can zoom in or out, except during conversation.

Q: How long are the loading times?
A: Load times are reasonable. They are “covered” by pretty art and text that sets up the next scene. When loading finishes, the loading bar turns into a “continue” button, so you can finish reading before moving on to the next scene.

Q: Will it be possible to sneak and talk our way through the story?
A: You’ll be able to sneak at time and talk your way out at times. But the threat of violence is always there.

Q: Will clothing impact NPC reactions in the main game?
A: This feature is limited to disguises only.

Q: Will Karma be based on objectives or style?
A: Karma is awarded for mission objectives only in our campaign. However, you can award it based on your own criteria using the editor.

Q: Are you planning to include any Steam Achievements?
A: We’re not planning Steam achievements right now but we may try to sneak them in.

Q: Will the game directly support controllers?
A: Sorry, but no.

Q: Will there be a Lone Star system to track your crimes and assign a ‘wanted level’ or something similar?
A: Lone Star has a big presence in our story but we do not have a reputation system in the game.

Q: Will there be a way to provide feedback directly to a GM’s creations?
A: I think it would be interesting to set up a forum for that or use Steam forums. There’s no feature in the game for that, though.Steam Workshop does allow players to give feedback on the workshop page, so chances are this will work within SRR.

The Editor

Influencing Characters

Q: Will we face unique magical items/artifacts, which could [[#|grant]] players special abilities?
A: You can create the effects of a magic item/artifact using triggers and give it to a player. It will appear in the item list as a text entry.

Q: Will it be possible to negatively change a character through the course of a player made or campaign mission
A: You can affect character attributes, skills, [[#|hp]], and more with triggers.

Q: Will the editor support poison or ongoing damage? Will it support timed effects that only hurt you after a while?
A: Yes to the first, no to the second.

Q: Can we limit runs to specific archetypes?
A: The editor gives you the ability to limit a run by archetype, I believe.

Q: When runs are limited to archetypes, does that mean characters that started as such archetypes, or any character that has learned the right skills?
A: I believe it’s the latter.

Q: Can events in the editor add items to the PC’s inventory?
A: Yes.

Q: Can events in the editor REMOVE items from the PC’s inventory?
A: Yes.

Q: Can the editor remember and add back items that have been removed?
A: Yes.


Q: To what extent are NPCs killable?
A: NPCs marked as enemies, or changed to enemies within the mission, are killable – otherwise, they’re neutral. Neutrals can be killed by AOE fire, though.

Q: Can NPCs be set by the GM as enemies (meaning they can killed) that won’t attack the player (meaning they are ‘neutral’)?
A: NPCs can be set to neutral and later changed to enemy. You can get the effect you want via trigger but by default, a neutral NPC cannot be shot.

Q: Can NPCs be set to be neutral or ally to the party and enemy to other NPCs? Or as enemies to both the party and other NPCs?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it possible to spawn a dead body upon an NPC’s death and use it as “lootable” item that the player can pick up?
A: Yes.

Q: Does the trigger system allow roaming NPCs to react upon finding spawned items that the player decided not to pick up?
A: I believe so.

Q: Will there be logic to let NPCs react to violence by running away?
A: NPC combatants can be set to cowardly and will run away in the right circumstances. All of this is under GM control.

Q: How rich do you feel in the [[#|power]] of the scripting for this?
A: Happy to answer. First, you don’t actually script. Instead, you create a trigger that has a series of “drop down” options to choose from. You then can dig into those options to specify what you want. It takes some time to learn but is FREAKING POWERFUL.

Q: Would it be possible to have stats, reputation, missions done and sides chosen all combined determine hostility, support and vendor inventory/prices of various NPCs and NPC factions?
A: I believe that everything you describe is possible using our trigger system. That’s a lot of triggers but I believe it can be done.

Q: Are there any assets that can give the characters boosts / can be hacked?
A: Objects have no inherent gameplay. You can use the trigger system for any such effects. As long as you set up triggers for each, you can pretty much interact with anything. That’s the beauty.

Q: Is it possible to increment/decrement variables, and to test variables against a range?
A: Yup.

Q: Can NPCs enter the map after a specific timespan or upon a certain trigger?
A: Yes. This is easy.

Q: Can we store NPC behaviour as template and load this up for future usage?
A: You cannot save triggers, you can only copy and paste them from scene to scene. You could create a scratch-pad scene to store them in and copy them from though.

Q: Can we create triggers that react to the Karma amount of a character?
A: I don’t think so. Neat idea though.


Q: Can NPCs look for certain pieces of equipment, and if the character has them, trigger a response?
A: Yes, you can have an NPC react to a piece of equipment you have.

Q: Can we design the editor that people in AAA rated neighborhoods would run screaming from [a well-armed Lady Z] and call the cops?
A: Yes, you can make it so that NPCs react based on lots of stuff you set up.

Q: Can I set up separate dialog for my NPCs based off the race and/or gender of the player?
A: Yes. All that is possible for you to do using the editor to ship with the game.

Q: Can certain speech options be “unlocked” by low ability/skill scores?
A: You betcha.

Q: Will alternate dialogue triggered by stats and skills be visible if you don’t qualify for it?
A: That is up to the individual GM. The editor allows you to hide it. We may show them in some situations but not others.

Q: In a conversation, will we be able to set links to other conversation blocks within that conversation to prevent copy&paste?
A: Yes.

Q: Will it be possible to set up a conversation with three people in one conversation block, or if not, can we switch from Dialogue A to Dialogue B and vice versa, transfering variables?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I talk to/through objects with non-present NPCS? (e.g. calling a contact, or talking with hallucinations.)
A: Yes.

Q: Will the dialog boxes be able to be styled differently by character?
A: No. One of the first features I asked for in May but no.

Q: Will there be support for non-arabic text?
A: No.

Q: Are there plans to implement sudden music changes for mood-conveying?
A: You’ll have the ability to trigger different tunes where ever you want in your stories. We likely won’t do that during our conversations, though.

Q: Is there a way to link sound files to triggers?
A: You can link sound files, yes. We don’t have hooks for you to import your own but I bet someone will figure out how.

Q: Can we let hirelings utter custom scripted dialogues outside conversation windows?
A: Yes, you can trigger hired runners to pop up word balloons on a trigger. They only appear for a certain duration, though, so I wouldn’t write anything too long.


Q: Could we add a set of runs together and have them all available in one environment?
A: You can link your runs into a campaign just like we are.

Q: Is there a way to set it so a player needs to have completed “Mission001” before they are allowed to play “Mission002”?
A: Yes.

Q: And can things they may have said or done in “Mission001” have a effect on what may happen in “Mission002”?
A: Yes.

Art Assets

Q: Will there be more character animations?
A: We plan for more stances and our animators are chomping at the bit to create more!

Q: Will Player Characters and NPCs be able to take a seat?
A: No. I wish. We may have some seated NPCs but they won’t get up.

Q: Is there a large enough pool of portraits to cover the variety?
A: We’ll put out as many portraits in the CORE GAME as we can in the time we have – none will be held for DLC. PROMISE.

Q: Will there be an option to use the face of the 3D model as your character portrait in the game?
A: No.

Q: Any options for custom portraits?
A: While we won’t have an interface for importing your own portrait, I believe you’ll still be able to hack it.

Q: Would players be capable to import/export the art assets?
A: The current plan is no mods or imports.

Q: Will we have the ability to add new music to our own custom campaigns?
A: No.

Q: Any chance of animals? dogs, rats, cats, birds? I assume hellhounds and maybe gargoyles and dragons…
A: There will be Awakened animals but no mundane creatures at launch.

[In the Gamespot interview they said the selection of Awakened creatures has been designed from a story-perspective, meaning they made the ones they needed for the story. They hope to have more in the future.]

Q: Can you scale up NPCs and Monsters?
A: You can do everything but change the size of the art.

Q: What kind of areas will we be able to create at launch?
A: Our tileset is flexible but we don’t have the budget to create lots and lots of tilesets for launch. We’re focused on the tiles needed to tell the Seattle story but with enough flexibility that you can make lots of stuff out of it.

Q: Will there be some art artifacts that are more green in nature?
A: Not in our initial release. After that, we’ll release Berlin and if we’re successful, we can go places like Tir Tarngire, etc.

Q: If a mission includes DLC assets, what happens if someone without that DLC wants to play it?
A: The idea we’re working with is that players who don’t have that art will be prompted to download it at that moment.

Q: Would there be any way to create runs that are in the Matrix or Astral realms?
A: There is no Astral level art. Like Berlin, the possibility of Astral and Matrix DLC campaign sets absolutely exists.

Q: Are there any plans/talks going on to add the Astral Plane at some point?
A: There are no plans for Astral at all at this point. If the game sells well, anything is possible.

Q: Will Matrix systems only be able to use Matrix assets?
A: There are no restrictions regarding which tiles or props can be combined with others.

Q: Will there be any assets that would work for presenting Insect Spirits?
A: We have toxic looking spirits. That might do the trick.


Q: Will we be able to create specific characters to be played for our adventures?
A: That’s the plan, Stan.

Q: Could a GM create a module in which the player switches among two or more playable characters at the GM’s discretion upon certain scene changes? If this is possible, could Karma/Nuyen awards go to each character individually?
A: You wouldn’t be able to “by default” – the game isn’t set up that way. I THINK you could find a way to make it work if you were code-minded and clever, though.

Q: Can the map editor open a created & completed map, such as from the main storyline, so we can take/edit the locations, triggers, and NPCs?
A: That’s our current plan, yes. We want people to see how we did stuff.

Q: Will it be possible for us to create single outside scenes in order to save some basic elements for a whole adventure map?
A: We have the concept of a “scratch pad” that should let you transfer stuff from one scene to another.

Q: Will the editor have custom lighting/tile coloring?
A: Yes, you can choose different colors for your lights.

Q: Can we have entire crowds on the street?
A: Is it possible? Absolutely. Might it impact framerate? Yes. You’re not only loading the dudes but their animation sets. HOWEVER, we may have time to create NPC “props” who just stand (or lie) there.

Q: What is the maximum map area/size?
A: It’s not about size it’s about texture memory. You can have a big map populated sparsely with props and enemies or a small, dense one.

Q: Can GMs control the camera?
A: Player GMs can cause the camera to zoom out or pan to a location but not zoom in.

Q: Will rolls be visible, private or can the GM choose?
A: “Rolls” are private.