The year is 2070. The world has changed.


The Mayan calendar’s end ushers in the beginning of the 6th World. Magic is reborn. Mythological creatures emerge from the past, crashing headlong into a dystopian, cyberpunk future ruled by ruthless mega-corps. Shadowrun Chronicles (SRC) is Lord of The Rings meets Blade Runner – a dark, interconnected fantasy future where backstabbing, data theft and violence are all in a day’s work.

The Awakening has twisted the world, merging myth with reality. Legendary creatures and races walk the earth, while humanity “Goblinizes” into Orcs, Trolls, Elves and Dwarves. A few gifted entities can manipulate the Mana flow, command powerful spells and peer into the astral plane, where contracts are woven with spirits and elementals.

But the 6th World is not only awakened — it’s wired. The Matrix permeates reality, connecting the world’s denizens to each other, whether they like it or not. Esoteric technology seeps into everyday life, overcoming the limitations of flesh and luring people into artificially enhancing themselves with Cyberware. Many decide to transcend their humanity and become something else. Something stronger and smarter…something deadlier.

Rising above the day-to-day struggle for survival, the ruling mega-corps control their employees’ lives and command private armies. In the battle for crucial economic and political assets, they bleed the world dry and sabotage each other via covert cutthroat operations called “shadowruns”. Governments and heads-of-state rely on the mega-corps for everything, whether it be healthcare or policing their Metroplexes.

Everything has a price. Hackers secretly scan giant corporations’ databases, stealing and exchanging information — the only item of real value. Street Samurai are blades for hire whose sublime combat skills and superior reflexes make them the ultimate urban weapon. Riggers manipulate vehicles and drones for the highest bidder. Magicians are coveted for spying on competitors, slinging spells at enemies, and anything else money can buy.

And within it all, there exist many who’ve fallen through society’s cracks, living and thriving in the shadows…

This is the world of Shadowrun Chronicles, where only the cunning survive!