Shadowrun Online - 28.04.2015 1:57PM

After the longest 4 weeks in my life and years in the making Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown has been publicly released today. It is a tremendous accomplishment for a small team like ours and we are incredibly proud and a little anxious to finally see our game out in the open. The game is available on Steam, Humble Sore, Gamesrocket and assorted retail Stores (Walmart in the US) and of course on our very own Website (which actually means we get more revenue from each sale, so if you are thinking of buying, get it here!).

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Temporary downtime tomorrow

Shadowrun Online - 23.04.2015 3:12PM

Hoi Chummers!

For an update, the website will be down tomorrow, Friday 24th April, from 10am until 2pm CEST / 1am until 4am PDT.
The whole shadowrun.com website as well as the forums will be impacted by this downtime.

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Meet a Shadowrun Legend in Chronicles

Shadowrun Online - 21.04.2015 5:06PM

Hoi Chummers,

Way back in our Kickstarter we promised some of our backers that they would get to run with Legends of the Shadowrun Universe. And now the time has come to allow those special backers to play side by side with the greatest of Shadowrun creative minds, so they can tell their awed friends that they actually went on a run with a true legend! Those of you who backed a tier that includes invitations to the Meet a Legend runs should have already received an invitation to the upcoming runs with further instructions (if you have backed such a tier but didn’t receive an invitation, please check your spam folders and contact us if you can’t find the message). But of course we don’t want such an occasion to be something that only has benefits for our lucky VIP backers, so our Legends will also hang around the Back Alleys of Boston for everyone to meet them.

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Dev-Diary #31: I hear voices in my head

Shadowrun Online - 16.04.2015 12:29PM

Hey again, this is primetide and when you read this, many of you will have had the opportunity to listen to our cool new voice audio. Just today we have finished the German versions (with the highly recommended recording studio that also did The Order 1886 and most of Bethesda’s games) and they turned out fabulous. The translations have been done by the very writers who also translate the Pen and Paper versions in Germany and France and whom we basically asked to create a time-warp, so they could translate an amount of text in days which usually takes weeks to do. Thanks again for this heroic effort, gentlemen!

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Dev-Diary #30: A view of Boston (Part 2)

Shadowrun Online - 27.03.2015 1:09PM

Hoi chummers,

today we wanted to give you a sneak peek at the brand new world map. For a while we wanted the 3D map currently in the game to feel more like a real Boston map and less like a semi-random map with some locations on it. We also wanted to integrate the map more into the hub, so you would not have to switch scenes each time you were looking for a mission. This proved to be difficult with the 3D map overlaying over the hub and costing a lot of memory. For this reason, we switched back to a good-old 2D map, with the added bonus of giving us more options to play around with it.

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Dev-Diary #29: The curious case of a bug

Shadowrun Online - 20.03.2015 3:27PM

Normally the hunt for a bug is rather unspectacular: You find it, you find a way to reproduce it, you fix it, you test that it’s gone. However the launch of the latest update brought a rather nasty bug with it – and Chris, one of our coders responsible for squashing it, shares the story of what happened:

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