New update with first end game mission

primetide - 03.06.2015 1:50PM

This update brings you the first challenge mission, which you can repeat as often as you like for 5 Karma and contains exclusive rewards from new weapons to gear and pets. The mission has three stages and will be challenging for even the toughest of runners! To help you co-ordinate every map also now features a compass for orientation! Also: New Doc Wagon cards for improved healing! 
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Frag the lag and Legend Run with Jordan Weisman

Shadowrun Online - 08.05.2015 1:05PM

Today is the day!

We have finally fragged the lag issue it seems. We don’t want to jinx it, there may still be gremlins lurking around, but we seem to be back to normal. Today, with our hopefully last lag related server patch, you will find your well-deserved apology gifts on your inventory:
– 3 Flamethrowers (so you can flame enemies and think of us)
– 1 additional character slot
– 2 new Bioware augmentations (Zero Essence, usable for awakened characters as well)

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Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more

Shadowrun Online - 05.05.2015 9:36PM

Hoi chummers,

Many of you have been first hand witness to the frantic post-launch struggle of Shadowrun Chronicles as we patched time and time again only to still end up with a lag when playing. Now to the players this looks like we are constantly running against the same wall until our heads bleed and have only managed to make small dents in said wall. From the inside however, it is a completely different story and we wanted to give you an inside perspective on what is going on.

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May 2nd: Run with a street legend in Shadowrun Chronicles

Shadowrun Online - 02.05.2015 8:16AM

Have you ever dreamt of running the shadows with a true street legend? Now is your next chance! Join Jason Hardy, Catalyst’s Line Editor for Shadowrun and the mastermind behind all current Shadowrun plots, “Bull” Ratkovich, famous for inheriting Jackpoint and fearless leader of the SR demo team and Aaron Pavao, who has contributed to over a dozen Shadowrun books. This is you unique opportunity to meet these Shadowrn legends in the virtual flesh, ask them questions and – if you are lucky – go on a run with them.

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