UPDATE: Contest: Your silliest ragdoll moment!

Shadowrun Online - 30.06.2014 2:00PM

Ragdolls are fun to look at – especially if an enemy that gave you a hard time finally crumples to the ground in a satisfying, very dead way. However there are times when the effect doesn’t work as intended at all: The security guard does a somersault after being hit that would earn him a gold medal at the Olympic games; the gang member tried to fall down, but ended up planking on top of a barrel in a case of instant rigor mortis; or Payday died, only to get his elbow stuck in a wall.

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Dev-Diary #1: Dress-Up!

Shadowrun Online - 20.06.2014 7:15PM

Hi! This is Tom – you might know me from one of the dev Q&A sessions. In our first installment of our dev blog I’m going to give you a couple of insights into how our technical item system works for the long awaited character customisation. We always knew that creating and customising your Shadowrunner is the big thing, but the details were vague up to a few weeks ago. As with all systems that we want to do the deciding factor is effort – can we implement the system initially, and can we support it with enough content in the long run?

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New Content Patch Available NOW

Shadowrun Online - 04.06.2014 9:04AM

The day of new Shadowrun Online Content  Update has come. We’re proud to present you security
and alarm levels, Bri – the Dwarf Decker, new missions, random spawns and more!
Check out the details and Patch Notes before diving right in: