Shadowrun Chronicles Screenshots and Wallpapers


If you want to download any of the screenshots or wallpapers just right-click on them, and save them to your hard drive.

Shadowrun Chronicles Videos

Here is our Steam Trailer!

Or the 20 second explanation what this game is about!


And this is a playthrough session with the devs!

Shadowrun Short Stories

Here you’ll find an overview of all Short-Stories-Parts we’re going to release over the next couple of weeks.
Enjoy the read and let us know what you think in the individual posts! 🙂

Harbor Heist – Part 1 in English, Part 1 in Polish, Part 1 in Hungarian
Harbor Heist – Part 2 in English, Part 2 in Polish
Harbor Heist – Part 3 in English, Part 3 in Polish
Harbor Heist – Part 4 in English, Part 4 in Polish
Harbor Heist – Full Story in EN as PDF, as well as in Polish, to Download!

Local Inflections – Full story in English
Local Inflections – Full Story in EN as PDF to Download!

Options – Part 1 in English
Options – Part 2 in English
Options – Full Story in EN as PDF to Download!