Here you find an overview of the most common Questions & Answers, tips, guides and clarifications.

  1. Installation and Launch
        1.1.   Activating the game on Steam
        1.2.   Activating the Non-Steam game version
        1.3.   Launching the game
        1.4.   Do I have to be online to play Shadowrun Chronicles?
        1.5.   What are Coupon codes and where can I get them?
  1. Getting Started
        2.1.   Career selection
        2.2.   How to create a character?
        2.3.   What happens next?
        2.4.   What is the Hub?
        2.5.   How can I buy gear?
        2.6.   How can I equip gear?
        2.7.   How can I skill my character?
        2.8.   How can I dress my chummer?
  1. How do I play the campaign?
        3.1.   How many times can I complete the main missions during one career?
        3.2.   What about side missions?
        3.3.   What happens if my main character dies during a mission?
        3.4.   Do I lose my gear and consumables if I fail a mission?
        3.5.   How do I navigate to missions?
  1. How can I create my Runner Team?
        4.1.   Where can I find henchmen?
  1. Playing Shadowrun Chronicles in Co-op
        5.1.   How can I meet and befriend other Shadowrunners?
        5.2.   Why can’t I see all my online friends walking around in the hub?
        5.3.   What is the difference between global and hub chat?
        5.4.   How can I play a mission in co-op?
        5.5.    What happens if I or other mates leave the group?
        5.6.    How do I manage my team when playing co-op with one or two other fellows?
        5.7.   Does playing co-op depend on the progress already made?
  1. Can I play PvP missions?
  1. Tips and tricks
        7.1.   How many actions and interactions do I have per turn?
        7.2.   What happens if an interaction fails?
        7.3.   How can I reload my weapon?
        7.4.   Does reload apply to Foci, Hacking and Rigger Decks as well?
        7.5.   How many summons can I have on my team at the same time?
        7.6.   How many drones can I deploy with a Rigger?
        7.7.   What is Mana?
        7.8.    What are cyberware implants?
        7.9.    What are damage and armor flavors?
        7.10.  What’s the connection between damage flavors and immunities?
  1. Usability
        8.1.   How can I check what in-game symbols mean?
        8.2.   How does cover work?
        8.3.   Why can’t I move to certain places? Why can’t I shoot an enemy I have in line of sight?
        8.4.   What does it mean when a skill is on cool down?
        8.5.   What should I do if the game gets stuck during the enemy’s tun?
        8.6.   How do I log back in after logging out in the Launcher of the Steam version?
  1. List of main and side missions per act:
  1. Quick Reference Keys
  1. Detailed overview of the in-game backgrounds
  1. Overview of the Coupon Packages and the in-game items they contain
  1. How can I contact Customer Support?
  1. Where can I find the log file?
       Windows Steam version:
       Windows Non-Steam version:
       Mac Steam version:
       Linux Steam version:
  1. Useful links: 


1.  Installation and Launch

1.1.  Activating the game on Steam

The game can be activated on Steam by going to the Steam -> Games tab and selecting the option: “Activate a Product on Steam…”, accepting the Steam Subscriber Agreement and providing the product code when prompted to. Alternatively, the option + Add a game in the lower left corner can be used.

1.2.  Activating the Non-Steam game version

After starting the game you need to enter a valid e-mail address and an account name to register your account. An e-mail with a verification code will be sent to you to make sure your e-mail address is the correct one. Afterwards please enter the game key from the box (under the disc) to activate the game.

1.3.  Launching the game

The game can be started from the Steam library or any of the shortcuts created when installing it. When starting the game, the launcher comes up. In the Graphics tab you can select the desired resolution and whether you want to play windowed or not. Here you can also enter more coupon codes for additional features and packages.

1.4.  Do I have to be online to play Shadowrun Chronicles?

Yes. The game requires users to be online (Steam needs to be in online mode as well) when starting it, since it includes cooperative multiplayer and chat.

1.5.  What are Coupon codes and where can I get them?

There is a variety of coupon codes which unlock special items in-game. They can be won by participating in events or by following promotions with coupon giveaways. If you want to redeem a coupon code, start the game and find the Coupon button in the Launcher.


2.  Getting Started

2.1.  Career selection

Choose a career slot to start your runner’s career. You can play as many simultaneous careers as there are slots. The difference will be, that your run through the campaign will develop according to the character you create. If you decide you want to delete a career to free up a slot and start anew, this can be done in the career selection screen.

2.2.  How to create a character?

A new career will start with the Character creation screen where you will:

  • Select the name, gender, metatype and background of your runner
  • Customize the looks and voice of your character

These choices will be permanent for the started career, so it would be wise to consider the strengths and weaknesses that metatypes and backgrounds have to offer, and weigh them against the skills and weapons you plan to use. The traits specific to metatypes and backgrounds can positively/negatively affect values such as:

  • skills (both combat and non-combat)
  • chance to (critically) hit
  • movement range
  • hit points
  • accuracy
  • damage values
  • magical/physical/technical armor
  • being susceptible to enemy hits
  • range

2.3.  What happens next?

With your new runner all set up, you’ll make your first steps in the Prologue, learning the basics. After you are done with that, you’ll automatically get to the skills, gear and clothing screens to further customize your character. Once you’ve made your pick you will travel to the Leather District Market to get the rewards for the tutorial mission and buy some gear.

2.4.  What is the Hub?

The hub (Leather District Market) is the place where you meet fellow players, fixers, shopkeepers, henchmen for hire and other quirky characters. Here you can stock up on gear by visiting the shops or hire henchmen to strengthen your team. Talk to the people inside the hub to get valuable insight on what is happening in Boston!

2.5.  How can I buy gear?

You can buy gear from the shopkeepers. Depending on what you want to buy you can visit merchants specialized in magic, firearms, melee weapons, rigging & hacking, cyberware, armor and consumables. Ask them to show you their wares and pick out a category of items (i.e. weapons or consumables). There are shop inventory filters, which help you sort weapons according to type for a better overview. You can also apply these filters when selling items. Select an owned item from your own inventory to see how much you can get for it.

Don’t forget to check out weapon stats when trying to upgrade: your chosen weapon will be compared with the currently equipped one.

2.6.  How can I equip gear?

Go to the menu bar at the top of the screen and click on the weapon symbol to open the loadout customization. This menu allows you to pick your primary- and secondary weapon, consumables and armor. To choose the primary, click on the designated weapon slot and pick a weapon from the list on the right side. When you have made up your mind, press the equip button. Same goes for your secondary weapon, consumables (e.g. grenades, medkits) and armor (for increased hit points, movement range, physical, magical or technical resistance).

You can always compare your currently equipped weapon or armor with others in the list by clicking on them. The comparison will be done automatically, taking as a reference point your currently equipped item. The points in which your selected item is better than the equipped one will be highlighted in green while the ones in which it is weaker will be marked red.

2.7.  How can I skill my character?

You can base your choice of skills on the type of attacks you want to use in combat, but browsing through the skill trees should also help make your pick. Investing karma points in skills will give you a wider range of attacks and actions when the matching weapons are equipped. Note that you can only ever take two weapons, foci or decks into a mission. Active skills that you don’t have weapons for are not going to be available as skill choices in your mission. So you should focus your skills on a maximum of two active skill groups initially.

Besides combat oriented skills you can also invest in mind or body skills which enable you to interact with the environment by hacking, harvesting organs, demolishing or picking locks. Investing in non-combat skill trees will increase the chance of getting loot but can also improve your accuracy, chance to hit/crit, shooting- or movement range, hit points, damage.  These will apply regardless of which active skill groups and weapons you have selected for your mission.

In the top menu bar you can see how many karma points you can invest in skills.

2.8.  How can I dress my chummer?

The Clothing interface (top menu bar) allows you to customize your character’s appearance and turn him/her into a cool looking Shadowrunner. Clothing is purely aesthetic and does not influence your armor values or physical resistance. In the clothing menu you can customize the appearance of your character from head to toe by picking items from each category, selecting and equipping them.


3.  How do I play the campaign?

You receive missions and jobs by talking to fixers in the Hub who have an exclamation point above their head. There are two types of runs: campaign- and side missions. The campaign can be played through once, for each started career and finishing it implies that all campaign missions are finalized successfully. Side jobs are not mandatory in the campaign. Completing one campaign mission will allow you to cash in the rewards, proceed with the main story and get the next main job.

3.1.  How many times can I complete the main missions during one career?

Each campaign mission can only be completed once per career. If you fail to complete it, you can try again until you can successfully finish it. You cannot replay a completed mission during the same career, except for the cases when you are invited by a fellow to play this mission again in co-op (in that case you will not get mission rewards and karma, but can gather loot).

3.2.  What about side missions?

Opportunities to take on well-paid side jobs arise at various points in your campaign. Solving them will help you get your hands on great loot which in turn can be sold for a handsome sum. Side missions are only active for a limited period of time and might no longer be available once you advance further in the campaign. Keep in mind to check them out before getting a new campaign mission. They are meant to help you: get more Nuyen, improve your equipment and gear up for the more challenging campaign missions, but also give small karma rewards which can be invested in skills.

3.3.  What happens if my main character dies during a mission?

You will have a set number of turns to complete the ongoing mission successfully with the remaining henchmen. The remaining turn counter will be displayed on-screen. If you do not manage to complete the run in the given amount of rounds, you can always try again.

3.4.  Do I lose my gear and consumables if I fail a mission?

No. If the mission is failed, your crew gets set back to the status it had before starting it. If you win the mission but use up consumables, these will not be restored afterwards.

3.5.  How do I navigate to missions?

Once a mission is received from a fixer in the hub, you can go to the car/exit from the hub and choose where to next go by clicking a location on the world map. You can several main and side missions at the same time. When navigating to the map you can choose which of the active missions you want to do next. If you change your mind you can always go back to the hub to gear up and prepare.


4.  How can I create my Runner Team?

Missions can be played with a team of henchmen or with fellow players in co-op. Once a mission is chosen, you will go to the team selection window, were you can add runners to your roster in 2 ways:

  • Have randomly picked team members from the list of available runners (you can see their Character information sheet by using the i-button under the selected characters)
  • Press the Plus button and add the desired henchman from the list (their stats can be inspected by left clicking them in the list)

4.1.  Where can I find henchmen?

There are various henchmen out there, which can be recruited when heading for a mission. The henchmen available for hire are generated from already existing player characters and their perpetually changing presence in the hub, is a reflection of the choices and development of your fellow Shadowrun players. You can inspect their stats on mouse over in the hub. This will reveal that henchmen have only one active skill group and their attributes, skills or gear cannot be modified. They will however, level up in accordance to your own character, as you progress through the campaign. Beside the henchmen’s main attacks, it’s always good to keep an eye out for their passive skills, if you plan to use them when looting or interacting with the environment during missions.


5.  Playing Shadowrun Chronicles in Co-op

5.1.  How can I meet and befriend other Shadowrunners?

You can find mates to discuss the game or team up for co-op games, by using the global chat or the hub chat, where you can see the currently active players. You can communicate with players in the global/hub chat, invite them to a group chat, add them as friends and play co-op missions.

There are 2 options when upgrading your friend base:

  • You can add a friend by right clicking his/her username in the chat and selecting the corresponding option
  • You can go to your “Friends” tab, type the username of a friend in the search field, find and add him. You can also inspect your friend’s character by clicking on him/her in the search results list.

After adding a friend, you can see his username and online status in your friends list.  You can select a friend in the list in order to invite him/her to join a group and to play co-op.

5.2.  Why can’t I see all my online friends walking around in the hub?

5.3.  What is the difference between global and hub chat?

In the lower left corner, the chat is displayed. By default you will see the discussion currently going on in the hub that you find yourself in. You can however change to the global chat where all players from all hubs can communicate with each other by clicking on the Earth symbol.

5.4.  How can I play a mission in co-op?

You can team up with other Shadowrunners and play missions together for a more intense tactical experience. Co-op missions can be played by up to 4 players at once.

Teaming up does not necessarily imply adding your team members as friends, but it is necessary to invite them all to the same group. You can do that by clicking player names in the chat and selecting the option “Invite to group” or by selecting a friend in your friends list and pressing the Invite button.

Once you’ve created a group with one to three other players, you will automatically be the group’s leader and have a running group chat for it. All the other players who join, will be teleported to the group leader’s hub. As long as you do not assign another chummer as team leader, you can decide which mission to play by navigating to one you’ve already accepted or accepting one from a fixer in the hub. Once the mission is determined you’ll get to the team selection window where you can see and inspect your mates. When everyone is ready the start button can be pressed and the mission will commence.

5.5.  What happens if I or other mates leave the group?

You can leave the group by selecting the X button next to the leader’s name. If you have to leave the group during a mission, your character will join the leader’s group as a henchman. If the leader leaves the group before starting or during the mission, a new leader will be automatically assigned.

5.6.  How do I manage my team when playing co-op with one or two other fellows?

If you are short of 1 or 2 human players in your team of 4, you can complete it with henchmen. If you team up with only one other player for a 4 player mission, you will each get to pick one henchman. If you team up with 2 players, the leader of the group will get a henchman on his/her team. If during the mission, other NPCs join your team, they will be controlled by the group leader.

5.7.  Does playing co-op depend on the progress already made?

The leader of a co-op group can pick the mission which will be played, according to how far he/she has advanced in the story. If the other members have already played this mission or haven’t reached that point in the campaign yet, they will still be able to play the mission in co-op but their progress will not jump forward or back to this particular mission. In such cases the team members will not receive campaign specific rewards but can gather loot, to sell it for Nuyen later.

If however, all team members are at the same point in the storyline, they can advance in the campaign together. They will all be able to take the outstanding mission from the fixer in the hub, navigate to it and receive campaign specific rewards after solving the job. They will also be able to continue their campaign progression together and accept further missions as they advance.


6.  Can I play PvP missions?

PvP missions are not currently a feature of the game but will be included later on. Shadowrun Chronicles can support PvP and we will include this game mode with coming updates. Stay tuned!


7.  Tips and tricks

7.1.  How many actions and interactions do I have per turn?

You have 2 actions per turn. You can use these actions differently, for example you can run to a point in your walking area (outline closest to your character) and then attack from there. You can also attack directly from where you stand which means that you will lose your second walk action unless you make use of special skills (e.g. when going berserk for a few rounds, when making a critical hit with pistol quick shot or when using consumables such as cram). You can also combine an interaction with a movement or attack action.

7.2.  What happens if an interaction fails?

Mind and body skills, similar to weapons, have a calculated chance to succeed, for example when picking locks, harvesting organs, hacking or demolishing something. The chance to succeed depends on your skill level, which means that there are cases in which an interaction can fail if your skill level is low. In these cases, it is always possible to try again until you are content with the results, unless one of the actions critically fails and breaks the object.

7.3.  How can I reload my weapon?

Guns will use up ammo and require a reload once their cartridge is empty. Reloading takes up one of your 2 actions per turn and needs to be planned well to avoid high exposure. When a gun has no more ammo it will flash red and you will be prompted to reload. It can be done by clicking the red weapon symbol or by pressing the R button when the weapon is selected. Reloading is always possible and does not depend on gathering ammo packs. Shadowrunners always carry enough ammo with them, so buying more is not necessary.

7.4.  Does reload apply to Foci, Hacking and Rigger Decks as well?

Foci and Decks do not need to be reloaded since they do not use ammo. Foci are used for magical attacks and summoning. Instead of ammo they will use up Mana points.

7.5.  How many summons can I have on my team at the same time?

In mission, a team can have an addition of maximum 2 summons at the same time, meaning either 2 spirits, a spirit and a drone or 2 drones. If a spirit is killed, a new one can be summoned as soon as the caster has enough Mana.

7.6.  How many drones can I deploy with a Rigger?

A character equipped with a rigging deck can be skilled to deploy drones. You can have a maximum of 2 helper units during a mission, be they spirits or drones. A rigger can deploy 2 different drones at the same time if no other drones or spirits have been spawned. As opposed to spirits, drones do not lose HP each turn as an effect of blood magic. The Renraku Intruder drone can only be spawned once per mission, meaning that if it gets destroyed by enemies it cannot be replaced with an identical unit. Riggers can however deploy up to 3 Roto drones per mission. The in-mission interface of your rigger deck will indicate how many drone deploy actions you have left for that mission. If you have used up all your actions, your rigger will still be able to tag enemies with his base skill.

7.7.  What is Mana?

When casting spells or conjuring spirits, your character uses up Mana (the magical equivalent of ammo). Depending on the magical skill and attack you want to perform, your character will use up different amounts of Mana. Your character will regain one Mana point every turn but there might be cases in which you might have too little Mana to cast more advanced spells (skills will have a red marker). This is why it is prudent to build up a character with enough Mana, to be effective in battle.

Each metatype comes with a predefined amount of Essence which reflects how humanoid a character is. Based on your character’s Essence, skills and traits, the Mana amount will be calculated.  If you plan to have a character specialized in spellcasting or conjuring, it would be advisable to create your character in such a way as to maximize your essence, since having more essence points will generally mean you will have more Mana and thus be able to cast more spells in missions without dealing with fatigue. Backgrounds can also play a role in the amount of Mana you start with.

Throughout the game you might choose to have cyberware implants for your character, but these should be picked wisely since they will render your character less humanoid and implicitly lower its essence and the available Mana points.

7.8.  What are cyberware implants?

While advancing in the campaign, you will have the option of getting your character some cyberware or bioware implants. These are also known as ‘augmentations’. Augmentations can be collected as loot in missions or bought at the console next to the cyberdoc from the hub. They can positively affect aspects such as: HP, movement, damage values, range, accuracy, ammo or chance to hit critically, but they will detract essence and lower your total Mana points. This effect is noticed easily when specializing in magic. Augmentations can only be implanted, as long as you still have enough Essence points to trade out. Keeping a good balance between how much essence is deducted and what perks you get from augmentations is always a good idea, since they cannot be uninstalled. Augmentations can only be replaced with alternatives, updating all effects. Only one augmentation can be installed per available slot.

7.9.  What are damage and armor flavors?

Depending on the skills you pick and the weapons you use, there will be different types of damage: physical (done by guns, blades and blunt weapons), technical (done by decks) and magical (done by foci). This is also the case for enemies, as they are also specialized in different types of damage. Keeping an eye out for skills that offer resistance against certain types of damage thus becomes essential when developing your main character.

7.10.  What’s the connection between damage flavors and immunities?

Damage flavors also play an important role when assessing your enemies, since they have certain immunities: magical enemies (i.e. spirits) are usually immune to tech damage, while tech enemies (i.e. drones) are immune to magic attacks. Beside immunities, all characters from the universe of Shadowrun can have armors that protect them from specific damage flavors. You can buy armor from the shopkeepers and inspect the resistance it offers.


8.  Usability

8.1. How can I check what in-game symbols mean?

Icons and symbols that depict skills or weapons in missions, as well as other interface elements can always be checked by hovering over them with the mouse cursor. This will trigger the corresponding tooltip that includes explanatory descriptions.

8.2.  How does cover work?

Characters can take half or full cover against surrounding objects on the map. To be in full cover from an enemy means that an object fully blocks the enemy from seeing your character. If your character takes cover against an object but is in line of sight of the enemy he will not be protected. Characters lean against objects that provide full cover, such as walls, while they will take a crouching position behind objects that only provide half cover such as sofas or desks. Half cover reduces the chance to hit but your character will still be visible to enemies. Taking cover at the edge of objects allows enemies to flank your character from the side. The same applies when targeting enemies which are in cover.

8.3.  Why can’t I move to certain places? Why can’t I shoot an enemy I have in line of sight?

If you get the feeling, that your commands are not registered by the game, for example when moving a character or trying to shoot an enemy, you might try to move the camera (rotate and/or zoom in/out) so as to avoid having objects in the way of the tiles you want to click.

8.4.  What does it mean when a skill is on cool down?

When a skill with a cool down has been used, the interface will inform you how long the cool down lasts by the turn number displayed on top of the greyed out skill icon. Once the indicated number of turns has passed, the skill will be reusable. Different skills have different cool down times.

8.5.  What should I do if the game gets stuck during the enemy’s tun?

Although it is a rare occurrence, the game might sometimes get stuck during the enemy’s turn. In such cases, please minimize the game and navigate to the logfile created by the game. Create a copy of the file to send to Customer Support. After that, please return to the mission and go to the Options menu where the current mission can be exited. After exiting the mission, try to start and play through it again. Usually, such issues occur randomly and should no longer happen during the second run of the mission. If however the issue seems to be permanent, please notify support and we will take care of it as soon as possible.

8.6.  How do I log back in after logging out in the Launcher of the Steam version?

When playing the Steam version, you will be automatically logged in with your Steam account in the launcher. Logging out of this account should be avoided, since using this option will make it impossible to log back in during the same session. A successful login is only possible after exiting the Launcher and restarting the game from the Steam library. After a restart, users will again be automatically logged in with their Steam accounts.


9.  List of main and side missions per act:



10.  Quick Reference Keys

 key bindings

11. Detailed overview of the in-game backgrounds

Attention: This is outdated as we changed several balancing parts. Please refer to the game itself for the latest info.

Background Name


12. Overview of the Coupon Packages and the in-game items they contain

Coupon Packages


13.  How can I contact Customer Support?

You can contact Cliffhanger Support by writing an e-mail to

When contacting Support, please try to send us a detailed problem description, screenshot and log file so we can investigate, fix eventual issues and offer helpful spot-on tips. Please note that the game creates a log file upon each start-up. If you experience an issue we recommend minimizing the game and going to the location of the log file to make a copy of it, in order to avoid it being overwritten when restarting the game.


14.  Where can I find the log file?

Windows Steam version:

  1. Open Steam Library
  2. Right click on the game Shadowrun Chronicles
  3. Select Properties
  4. Go to the Local Files tab
  5. Select the option “Browse Local Files”
  6. Double click on the folder Shadowrun_Data
  7. Locate the file output_log.txt
  8. Make a copy of it while the game is still running or before restarting

OR go to a path similar to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ ShadowrunChronicles\Shadowrun_Data

Windows Non-Steam version:

To open the log, paste this:


in your Windows File Explorer, to open the log file directly. Once opened, you can create a copy of the file and send it to us.

Mac Steam version:

  1. Open the console
  2. Look under FILES for ~/Library/Logs
  3. Look under Unity
  4. Here you will find a Player.log
  5. Save the information from this log and attach it to your next reply

Linux Steam version:

Look for the Player.log file under

~/.config/unity3d/Cliffhanger/Shadowrun Chronicles


15.  Useful links: