A radically different RPG

primetide - 27.09.2016 8:47AM

One of our team members (primetide) and a bunch of other game industry veterans have collaborated on a radically new and different RPG project called Backdrop – Behind the curtain, where all the world is a stage, words have incredible powers, masks make a person and combat is always dramatic. We love the idea, which is so unusual and fresh we wanted to show it to you here.

It is wildly beautiful and poetic and needs your help to get funded! Watch the video here!


The game has so many great ideas, it is hard to sum them up in a neat package!


In Backdrop, environment and characters are made out of paper, cloth, wood and other materials exactly like props in a theatre. Apart from giving the game that great and unique look, the physics of the world thus follow unusual rules: You can slash holes in the background, blow away your enemies with a gust of wind or be burnt to cinders by a candle toppled over during a heated fight. Finding ways to use the environment to the best possible effect is very important in our game.


In plays emotions are big, drama lurks in every corner and words can speak louder than actions. Much more consequential than a few multiple choice dialogues, in Backdrop words can literally hurt or heal, move mountains and open doors. Words are a very real thing in this world and their power is boundless. So own your words!


Combat is of course not done with words only – swordplay and action-filled fights are an important part of the game. Your thrusts and manoeuvres will be different for each weapon, from a succession of lightning-fast stabs with the dagger to a fatal swing with the massive pole axe (if your mask’s personality can wield it).


Instead of picking a fixed class, your hero will don character masks, each one changing his abilities and personality into larger than life characters, from the stern but noble knight to the mischievous but charming trickster.

There is so much more in there, but just check it out for yourself :)