Swag is finally coming!

primetide - 23.08.2016 9:00AM

Hoi Chummers,



After ages of scrounging together enough money, dealing with the bank and haggling with suppliers and shipping (Thanks to Mihaela for slaving away hours on this!) we are ready to produce and ship your physical rewards.

If you followed the updates, here is the latest development that led to this: The bank agreed to release part of the money they held hostage (enough to pay the increased shipping cost) and we have begun to order the remaining production for bags and T-Shirts in the UK as well as get ready to ship the things we already produced like minis and campaign books and boxed games.

Now we need to coordinate all that and get the shipping addresses sorted – so if you are moving in the next 4 weeks please let us know NOW, before the shipping commences.

We will now dig deep into the logistics side of things and hopefully emerge on the other side with happy news about the shipping having commenced.

Until then, there is nothing to do but thank you for your continued patience and support – you have been incredible throughout all our trials and tribulations!

See you in the Shadows Chummers

Primetide and the Cliffhanger Team