February Update and new Add-On

primetide - 23.02.2016 8:56PM

Following a short server downtime the new “Missions” Add-on will release on the 23rd of February on Steam and GreenManGaming. It contains four new jobs and maps – available after you have played the Lockdown campaign. These location maps that have randomized enemy types (some new Elite versions of exisiting enemies amongst them) and spawn locations and even mission goal locations, so each playthrough should feel markedly different. Missions will change at regular intervals as well, so if you don’t like a particular one, you can always come back tomorrow.

With the latest release we are also changing a number of skills and items to improve balancing and add more flavor to the earlier campaign gameplay. And we drop more useful stuff across the board, so you can stock up on cool gear!

  • Pre-“Infected” campaign weapons now use the same flavours as their counterparts in Infected, adding more variety to weapon tiers
  • Shaman summons underwent a number of improvements. Wolf got more dangerous and Bear got faster, so your Wind Spirit may finally get some company:
    • Wolf’s base damage increased to 4/12 + spirit power
    • Wolf’s movement range increased to 9/18
    • Wolf gets 0,5 Phys armor per spirit power
    • Damage Bear’s movement increased to 6/12
    • Damage Bear’s damage is 6/10 + spirit power
    • Armor Bear’s HP is 6 + spiritpower
    • Air Spirit gets 0,02 evasion per spirit power now
  • The “Armor” ability for Blunt and Spellcasting now yields 14 armor and the description reflects that
  • Rotodrones 2 and 3 now use ECMSoft instead of CombatSoft for their values
  • Increased drop chance of weapons, armors and cyber from boxes to about 10% up from ca. 2,5%
  • Decreased drop chance of clothing from boxes to about 25% down from about 45%


  • Tier 9 weapons drop again. They were unintentionally deactivated
  • Fans in Rooftop Showdown mission have their proper textures now
  • Camera behaviour should be less jumpy now
  • Slam 2 skill description now correctly mentions crit damage increase instead of crit chance increase
  • Flavor text for weapons no longer mention specific weapons if the text is used for more than one weapon class
  • Hose down now clearly states that it needs 5 ammo to be used
  • Mass Shield is no longer annoyingly loud
  • Enemy actions are no longer shown during the player’s turn
  • Aztech turret no longer makes death noise while sound is muted
  • Enemies in Prison Break mission who wait in the changing room no longer want to engage the player if they are not able to see the player
  • Missions no longer get stuck if a summoned bear dissolves after his movement as last action of the player’s turn
  • Drones no longer move silently
  • Fixed Linux crash on Partycrashers map