Shadowrun Minis

primetide - 19.02.2016 11:10PM

Anybody interested in some Shadowrun minis? Cliffhanger is working with our friends at Prodos Games to create the minis as backer rewards for our kickstarter (only 2 years delay in delivering them) and we made some extra, cause we thought folks might like them.

Now we are not allowed to sell minis directly, but we CAN sell you the cool Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown Miniature Edition, consisting of a base version of the game (in form of Steam code) for which you will get the minis (worth 25 bucks) as merchandise and delivered to your door! (wink wink). If you own the game already you can also get them from our backerkit store once it goes live (next week hopefully) without the steam code OR you can buy the Miniature Edition and give someone else the game as a gift…it IS a multiplayer game after all and our new Add-On, named “Missions” is due for release next week…
Here is a mockup of them painted…they came out well I think.
minis mockup
The Minis will release on the 15th of March and you can pre-order now on the Prodos store page.