primetide - 14.01.2016 12:56PM

Hi all, returning from my overdue and much needed holidays after last year’s turbulences, I wanted to give you a little update on what we are planning for Shadowrun Chronicles here at Cliffhanger.

The current work on SRC is going into a DLC offering repeatable single player missions with randomized setups – so missions available, enemies in those as well as mission goal target locations will change. We have several maps (which have been adapted from exisiting ones, though) with goals ranging from defending an underground camp, defusing a bomb, freeing one of your team from a holding cell to collecting nanite samples. The setup of enemy types, spawn locations and target placement will change with each new iteration of the map and should provide ample opportunity to just kick back and solo a few missions to earn nuyen, gain karma or find some fancy gear. The difficulty will be on par with the INFECTED add on, so ideal for people who finished the campaign. Of course you can always group up in those missions as well! Our tentative target date for this is end of February.

Before the holidays we have worked on sketching out an overhaul of the skill system complete with stats, SR -like skills and maneuvers – a lot of which was inspired by your suggestions/demands ;). After we looked into the associated workload (including UI rework and massive rebalancing and testing) it is clear that we will have to dedicate considerable time and budget to implement this, which will require an extra kickstarter or some other way to generate extra cash or it would simply take a looong time.

Which brings me to our other endeavour: Merchandise. We are in the last phase of setting up the backerkit site for the kickstarter (as well as pre- and post) backers to finally fulfill the rewards our backers are entitled to. We will also offer physical items to non backers, so anyone can grab a fancy t-shirt, cool hoody or those awesome minis there.


Any profit generated by this will be invested into creating more SRC, so once this is up we will announce it to the wider world as well. We hope to have the site up and running by February, the integration of non-kickstarter backers unfortunately forced us to start the set-up from scratch three times in the previous three months due to issues with the backerkit data import.

We also have another Shadowrun related project I can’t divulge yet, we are excited about. Hint: It has colours!

So as you can see we have been keeping busy and remain dedicated to supporting the game as best we can.

See you in the Shadows!