Halloween Patch live and a Minis preview

primetide - 29.10.2015 10:49AM

Hoi Chummers,

Happy pumpkin time with the Halloweeners! The new patch is live and it contains these great fixes:

  • A brand new Halloween-flavored pet
  • One free re-skill for every character after a few skill adjustments (Tough)
  • Pricing of Bioware without properties lowere


  • Add-on is now correctly unlocked for all respective Kickstarter backers
  • Users don’t have to log in twice to unlock add-on content
  • Various text and localization fixes
  • Passive skill “Tough” in Automatics and Shotgun now actially gives 5HP
  • Takshak now has a correct dissolve effect
  • Vision magnification cyberware now drops in add-on missions Drones in “The Cure” is now immune to magic
  • Drones in “The Cure” now correctly stop activating after dispenser is disabled

Happy Mini Friends

See them holding hands, our four little Shadowrun friends! These are the 3D prints for the mould for our kickstarter backer’s Shadowrun Miniatures rewards. Missed out on that and want those cool minis? No worries, we will create a backer-store that allows people to retro-actively back us to get their hands on these beauties!