Halloween patch is coming this week

primetide - 28.10.2015 5:41PM

It mainly fixes a few map issues in INFECTED and the fact that some backers could not get into the add-on. Oh and we have PUMPKINS!

Features / Improvements: 

A brand new Halloween-flavored pet 
One free re-skill for every character after a few skill adjustments 
Pricing of Bioware without properties lowered 



Add-on is now correctly unlocked for all respective Kickstarter backers 
Users don’t have to log in twice to unlock add-on content 
Various text and localization fixes 
Passive skill “Tough” in Automatics and Shotgun now actially gives 5HP 
Takshak now has a correct dissolve effect 
Vision magnification cyberware now drops in add-on missions 
Drones in “The Cure” is now immune to magic 
Drones in “The Cure” now correctly stop activating after dispenser is disabled