primetide - 01.10.2015 12:31PM

Hoi chummers,
October is here and we plan to release the new add-on for SRC innocently named INFECTED! at the end of the month.
There is new content and we expanded and adjusted the skill trees and weapon flavors, so I am sure we added some terrible exploits, nerfed some great combos and in general made a mess of things. So we need help from some real pros…you guys.

We will announce the Beta Test here when it commences, but expect to start sometimes next week.

How can I participate?
If you want to join the Beta Test it is really easy – all of our Early Access AND Kickstarter backers already have access to a beta channel on Steam (you received the password for that way back before release and the channel can szill be activated from you Library by right clikcing on the game and selecting Properties/Betas and activating the beta channel from the drop down menu.

Now you can already experiment with our new skill trees, but you will need the add-on to actually test the new content, upgraded weapons and gear – we will put the first four new missions and all¬† into the Beta. If you own a Deluxe version or are a Backer Runner’s Apprentice Level or above (50$+), you will automatically get the new content unlocked. If you are not, you will need to hitch a ride with another team for the time being or buy a Deluxe upgrade to the game.

How do I give my feedback?
Well, if it is a bug report, we would love to get a description (alongside a screenshot or in case of technical issue  the output_log.txt from your game folder), so please send bug reports to

If you have general balancing remarks, suggestions and balancing discussions, pleas put them in the FEEDBACK FOR THE BETA forum and not in the General thread.

We will have more news when the Beta commences.

Thanks for your help and we will see you in the shadows, Chummers.