Chronicles Add-On sneak peek

primetide - 17.09.2015 9:36AM

As you already may have heard, we have heeded the calls of our players and will not slash passives across the board. Instead we will actually extend all skill trees by one ability tier sprucing up some skills like blunt and blade as well as magic and mixing up the Passives trees. We will also slightly increase the cost for higher tier abilities in the skill tree, meaning getting to 11×11 will take a healthy bit of extra work, while getting to 4×11 will remain doable within the campaign with a little co-op.

Now where are you going to apply all your nifty new skills? To the new missions of course! As you need to have finished the campaign to play the add-on, the new maps are supposed to be a a good bit more challenging. And they are also a good bit larger and more open! This allows players to try more alternate approaches and should increase replayability.

Here are two examples in a visually early state to illustrate this (so they will look nicer when we are done :)). One is the Boston Common and another the below-ground level of the ECSE (and if you own the Lockdown book, you can read up on what you may find there).




S1020On many of the new maps we also added a sub-goal or optional interactions for an added challenge. The first maps are also playable now and I am very much looking forward to trying those!