After the holidays – a small update

primetide - 01.09.2015 2:06PM

Hoi Chummers,
back from the holidays and some overdue rest and also spending some quality time with my kids. I started them on tabeltop roleplaying (not Shadowrun yet, but a simple system, but hey, you gotta start somewhere). Of course the good folks back at the office have been busy working on the update and it is shaping up nicely. So come end of October you should be able to spend some more time in Boston and make new friends and a bunch of new enemies.

The new storyline picks up after the end of the current one and involves the players on a very personal level. we have attached some ALPHA screenshots from two of the new missions. One is searching for Bozeman, who has taken refuge in the sewers, the other is from a B&E job into Murai Holding’s research facility (If you happen to have the latest intel on the SR storyline that name should ring a bell).



We also are adding more opponents on top of the runner team from the contest in the shape of a Technomancer tribe (these are Ex Pacis, for those who are versed in lore). Technos will be an enemy faction able to call waves of sprites to their aid who in turn can attack players with tech damage and other effects.

This week we will also announce the winners of the “Become your own worst enemy” contest and these chummers will subsequently appear in the game as an enemy runner gang you may have some business with. And by that we of course mean the business end of a gun.

A feature we had to postpone unfortunately is the PvP mode (both as direct PvP or the GM mode we wanted top do). The budget restraints and team size simply do not allow for such a big feature to be ready in time and we did not want to run the risk of delaying the release further or investing time into a feature we cannot complete. Hopefully we will be able to deliver this for the next add-on or between the two.

One thing we want to change in order to prevent massive imbalance with the new content is to make passives from weapon skill trees only apply when that tree is active in the mission. So you don’t stack up passives from weapons/skills trees you don’t bring to the mission. That will allow us to limit the power gap between a “end of campaign” player character and a 11×10 char, so people can group together sensibly while still getting a challenge with the add-on.

Lastly, we will give henches the second passive skill tree and spruce them up a little – this way they are more usable at higher levels without losing the differentiation between henchmen and actual players.

We will keep you updated on the progress of course and as always are happy for your feedback.

Our valiant Cliffhanger QA and support has held the fort admirably in my absence and I want to thank them for shouldering that load of course!