Contest: Become your own worst enemy!

primetide - 24.07.2015 8:11PM

Hoi chummers,
Gearing up for the add-on we have now decided on the enemies you will have to face there. One of them is a group of real pros – an enemy runner team comprised of the meanest, toughest, most dangerous runners money can buy: YOU!
Well, some of you to be exact. Because we are starting our next contest and this one is all about getting your runner into the game!

How to do that? Easy!

Enter a description accompanied by an in-game screenshot of your favorite bada$$ runner into the forum below. Give him a short description and bio and most importantly: Explain why he or she is stuck in Boston. There must have been some hilarious or tragic or gruesome incident trapping him/her inside and we want to know all about it! (See the example below).

The winners will be chosen by Smedley according to their street rep and talents and will comprise the team that your runners will have to face in the add-on. Winners will receive honorary naming in the game’s credits and a free Shadowrun 3rd, 4th or 5th edition pdf (English version).

So, submit your runner and become your own worst enemy! One that you can actually do something about for a change.

The contest is open until August 2nd and multiple entries are possible. Skill preferences for the final runner team cannot be guaranteed.

Please put the story and screen up on our Steam forums, so we have them all in one place!
Handle: Primetide
Race: Troll Street Shaman
Occupation: Ex Bouncer, Ex Urban Brawler

Primetide has been around the block for longer than he can remember. Some attribute this more to the repeated massive head traumas he suffered while being fielded in the relative unsuccessful ‘Suburban Smashers’ Urban Brawl team and less the fact, that he has been in the business for a long time.

When he could no longer compete, Primetide drifted from job to job, working as Bouncer and part-time muscle for a Boston mob family before his career as a runner. His tendency of rushing enemies head-on (his favorite tactic in UB matches) coupled with a high capacity for taking a beating made him the favorite expendable asset for mayn crews, yet he miracolously survived every encounter (and conveniently forgot most of what happened anyway). On top of the potential brain damage, the troll has voices whispering in his head permanently. Some call those spirits and indeed Primetide can summon his Bear totem animal to help im in need.

When the Lockdown struck, he was hired by a team of other runners to do a simple ‘sentry’ job, which turned out to be him holding the fort against a small army of KE and corporate forces while his team tried to drill a hole under the QZ barricades. When the makeshift tunnel finally collapsed and buried everyone under a pile of rubble, Primetide dug his way out for two days until he finally was able to crawl back to the surface. By then, the Lockdown was established and Primetide had to find a new job….

Screenshot 2015-07-24 12.13.46