Shadowrun Online - 28.04.2015 1:57PM

After the longest 4 weeks in my life and years in the making Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown has been publicly released today. It is a tremendous accomplishment for a small team like ours and we are incredibly proud and a little anxious to finally see our game out in the open. The game is available on Steam, Humble Sore, Gamesrocket and assorted retail Stores (Walmart in the US) and of course on our very own Website (which actually means we get more revenue from each sale, so if you are thinking of buying, get it here!).

We have our Early Access and Kickstarter backers to thank for the great feedback and the many suggestions and long hours of gameplay they put in. We could not have come as far without all of you!

The game is a unique mix of X-COM’s tactical gameplay and Shadowrun RPG, thoroughly enjoyable as a group or in single player. Look at how Mitch from Harebrained and Kevin from gamespot together with Jan (aka primetide) from Cliffhanger faced the challenge and made it out barely!

For us this is but the beginning of a hopefully even longer journey, we have so many great ideas and stories in store, more features and game modes to expand the game. So sound the trumpets, tell your friends, tweet and post about it: Shadowrun Chronicles is finally joining the Shadows for everyone to see!

(doing the very tired happy dance)