New Shadowrun Chronicles Update out!

Shadowrun Online - 24.04.2015 10:57AM

Hoi Chummers,
We just applied a new update to the game that did some rebalancing, tons of polishing and also squashed a lot of bugs. Here are the major changes:

• Logs added to mission maps. Logs give more backgrounds to the game and can be personal messages, lore snippets or simply short explanations for the game itself.
• Hub chat and speech bubbles for in-hub chats between players added
• More Missions added
• Horn choices for trolls added (Hey Mecha!)
• Hair styles are available in different colors now.
• Proper character creation flow and intro-scene added

Skills and Balancing
• Reworked Rigger Skill Tree to be more attractive – also the rigger now has three rotodrones to deploy!
• Reworked Mind and Body Skill Trees following community suggestions, modified values and added a way to increase mana (aka endurance) a little.
• Reworked Pistol base damage and critical damage to make less OP and reduced total attainable chance to crit to prevent pistol power builds
• One hacking skill tier added back to hacker tree
• Reworked summons and added abilities to Wolf and Air Spirit to make them more useful and extended Bear Spirit base movement range.
• Rebalanced backgrounds
• Rebalanced enemies, skills and backgrounds
• Reduced HP from a number of armors and added armor points to it.
• Adapted Shop lists and prices and moved drugs from Doc Belmont to Raizr.
• Careers now start with less powerful weapons, but a player gets nuyen to buy at least one after weapon after the tutorial.

UI and Localization
• Added German voiceovers
• Added French text (first version)
• Endurance is now Mana and explained better in skills
• Renamed Consumables to tactical items and added flamethrower, mini-gun, taser and chainsaw.
• Tooltips improved to detail effects like damage or drone power and explain them better
• Added number of players to mission names, so you know the possible group sizes before starting the mission.
• Shop Icons added for Shopkeepers who have no dialogue currently.
• Player names added in hub
• Hench characters get more level appropriate weapons and gear, so they are more useful
• Action Cams added to special kills and criticals
• Improvements to combat UI and Shop UI
• Adapted Screen layout for 4:3 screen ratios
• Added info about side quests being no longer valid after accepting a main mission
• Intro Scene and Char Creation Flow added with mandatory name entry (no characters named “Player”)