Dev-Diary #30: A view of Boston (Part 2)

Shadowrun Online - 27.03.2015 1:09PM

Hoi chummers,

today we wanted to give you a sneak peek at the brand new world map. For a while we wanted the 3D map currently in the game to feel more like a real Boston map and less like a semi-random map with some locations on it. We also wanted to integrate the map more into the hub, so you would not have to switch scenes each time you were looking for a mission. This proved to be difficult with the 3D map overlaying over the hub and costing a lot of memory. For this reason, we switched back to a good-old 2D map, with the added bonus of giving us more options to play around with it.


This is an example of the upcoming world map and our nifty new world map states – basically all the Boston neighborhoods get a certain alarm state they are in – from Gang Riots in the Rox to the rise of the headcase infestation in Fenway, you now get a feedback on what’s happening on the map. We will also add a newscast to this, which gives you further updates on the general state of affairs.

Obviously the map is going to change it’s states as the story progresses influenced by missions you accomplish as well as other things that happen in the city at large.

We think this one is more atmospheric, gives more of a sense of location and evolving storyline and we can’t wait to see it work inside the game!

See you in the Shadows