The new Shadowrun Chronicles Update is OUT NOW!

Shadowrun Online - 17.03.2015 4:45PM

Hoi Chummers,

Welcome to our 9th Early Access Update –the first using the new name Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown. This update adds new missions and features that have been on your (and our) wishlist for quite some time!

New Features:

  • Choose your Runner! With the new career system you can have more than one runner ready for playing. All characters have their own progress, looks and skills!
  • Body & Mind: The Non-combat skills have been moved into the new Body & Mind trees that also allow you to improve your character’s base stats!
  • New skills: The active skill trees gained new skills to replace the passives ones that were moved to the Body & Mind trees. Mages can now have 5 spells active!
  • Try again! Non-Combat Interactions can be repeated if they failed at the first try. Screw up badly though and you’ll have to suffer the consequences!
  • Dynamic Tooltips: Tooltips for skills will now show accurate values based on gear choice and skill level.
  • New Runs: We added several missions from the opening of our campaign. Experience for the first time how you got into the mess of the Boston Lockdown!
  • Don’t die: Watch out for your character! Losing this special runner means the run will be over unless you manage to get out in time!
  • In the zone: You will now be in the hub as soon as you launch the game and also return there once a run is finished. Go to the car and pick your destination to leave the hub.
  • Level up! Henchmen will now adjust to your power level, so they should help in a run but not be overwhelmingly strong.
  • I have company! In coop your group will now join you in the hub, so you can explore it together. Also more NPCs and player generated henchmen have been added.
  • Loot grab! Use your skills to grab stuff during the runs. You might be able to use some of it – and what you don’t need can be traded for Nuyen easily!

Improvements and fixes:

  • The game is now called Shadowrun Chronicles throughout.
  • The goal display is now switched on by default (it was switched to off before).
  • The slot names in the clothing screen have been adjusted and items moved to match the new slot names.
  • Summons or Drones do not need to reach the exit area to trigger the end of a mission anymore.
  • Several error messages have been clarified.
  • Names and icons of characters in the hub have been moved and shouldn’t overlap with the character anymore.
  • The Renraku drone drives faster now.
  • Both drones have distinctive portraits in the turn order display.
  • Fixed several movement issues in the hub (blinking characters, magical jumping and walking into walls)
  • The options menu is not obscured behind the character anymore if the menu is opened while being in the character creation screen.
  • Lots of other small changes and minor fixes.


Update: We applied a couple of fixes since the big update. Here’s what we changed:

  • The lag that haunted the prologue mission is gone.
  • Server will not enter deadlock regularly anymore.
  • The gray rectangles stuck to your mouse cursor if you had a character with an invalid weapon in your friend list should be gone
  • A Crash in the Linux version has been fixed.
  • It is not possible to loot tattoos anymore.
  • The shoplists have been updated.
  • Small issues with missing loot were fixed.