Dev-Diary #28: Translating Shadowrun the proper way!

Shadowrun Online - 13.03.2015 10:36PM

The decision to offer Shadowrun Chronicles at launch not just in English, but also in French and German brought some exciting new people on board that players familiar with the German and French editions of Shadowrun might know.

While some of you might already know that veteran Shadowrun author Scott Schletz (who also wrote the Shadowrun: Lockdown book that connects Shadowrun Chronicles’ setting with the official PnP-Canon) co-authors the English version, we now have other Shadowrun veterans joining us on the translation front to make sure we get the right feel and jargon into our localized versions. Tobias “Tigger” Hamelmann, editor-in-chief of the German edition of Shadowrun, is working on the German translation, while the French version is done by David Rocher and Morgan Rousseau, who translated several Shadowrun books, with a little help from the french glossar compiled by Ombres Portées, the collective in charge of translating the Shadowrun material into French. Having these people on board guarantees that the translation will be top notch and have the right shadow-talk feeling, no matter which version you are playing! We’re looking forward to what you have to say about the German and French versions (and the English one, of course) once we release on April 28th!