Donation period finishing

Shadowrun Online - 31.01.2014 8:53AM

Hello fellow runners!

As you know, we’re still accepting donations for the development of Shadowrun Online! Many of you have been wondering how much longer they will have the chance to become a backer or upgrade their donations to reach the tier they wanted, especially now after the most recent update! So we wanted to let you know well in advance: Your opportunity to support us with backer contributions closes on Friday, the 28th of February 2014!

After February, upgrading existing donations may still be possible; however we have to be careful with the physical reward tiers, so we need to check individual cases. Here is a quick overview:

  • Donations from accounts other than those already connected to a pledge will not be possible after Friday, the 28th of February 2014. This also goes for upgrading from an all-digital to a tier with physical rewards!
  • Upgrading from a tier with physical rewards to an all-digital reward tier will be possible until further notice.

So, what is going to happen regarding your rewards after February?

Well, first we’ll make sure that we have all the information we will need to get your rewards in place. We’ve sent out surveys via Surveymonkey already in the past in order to collect a lot of initial information. If, however, we’re still missing survey responses, we’ll resend this first survey one more time.

For the physical reward tiers, we will still need further details like shipping address, T-Shirt sizes, etc. This data will be collected in a later survey closer to summer this year, which we will announce. Keep an eye on your spam-folder at that time, just to be sure.

We hope to be able to get the backer rewards produced during the summer and to get them delivered to you shortly after that.

If you have any questions regarding your status, please feel free to contact our customer support team under support  @ Please include information regarding your donation (e-mail address or account connected to the donation, for instance).

The next News Update will include some awesome visuals again!

Azzies to the fore!

See you then!