Dev-Diary #29: The curious case of a bug

Shadowrun Online - 20.03.2015 3:27PM

Normally the hunt for a bug is rather unspectacular: You find it, you find a way to reproduce it, you fix it, you test that it’s gone. However the launch of the latest update brought a rather nasty bug with it – and Chris, one of our coders responsible for squashing it, shares the story of what happened:

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Dev-Diary #27: Lookin’ Good!

Shadowrun Online - 13.02.2015 2:57PM

Sometimes it’s hard to keep in mind how things looked before. You look at a new, shiny version, think “hey, that’s looking good” – and somehow the old impressions are tainted with nostalgia and slowly vanish alltogether. However, sometimes it’s a good idea to keep track of how things evolved. That’s why we’re taking a look back in this Dev-Diary to recall how much our characters changed since November.

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