A radically different RPG

primetide - 27.09.2016 8:47AM

One of our team members (primetide) and a bunch of other game industry veterans have collaborated on a radically new and different RPG project called Backdrop – Behind the curtain, where all the world is a stage, words have incredible powers, masks make a person and combat is always dramatic. We love the idea, which is so unusual and fresh we wanted to show it to you here.

It is wildly beautiful and poetic and needs your help to get funded! Watch the video here!


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Swag is finally coming!

primetide - 23.08.2016 9:00AM

Hoi Chummers,



After ages of scrounging together enough money, dealing with the bank and haggling with suppliers and shipping (Thanks to Mihaela for slaving away hours on this!) we are ready to produce and ship your physical rewards. Read More

Last chance for Shadowrun Merchandise!

primetide - 29.03.2016 10:34AM

Hi all!

We are locking down the backer kit orders on the 4th of April 2016. If you haven’t filled out your surveys/or placed your merchandise preorders yet, please do so this week.

After the 4th, no further orders can be placed as we will be sending the final numbers to the manufacturers.

If you have experienced an error when your credit card was charged, please try the alternative payment method over PayPal: https://shadowrun-chronicles.backerkit.com/backer/paypal_pledges or contact support@cliffhanger-productions.com. If your survey is locked but you would like to make changes to it, please also contact support. T

hank you for your support and to all who have already answered the survey!


Looking for legends?

primetide - 03.03.2016 10:23AM

If you always wanted to get a peek at what made Shadowrun great when it started out (Or Battletech for that matter) our friends at Catalyst have slaved away for ages to bring you all the great old ones back in nifty ebook format for digital consumption!

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primetide - 29.02.2016 10:29PM

Hoi Chummers,
we have just launched the backerkit shop with cool Shadowrun Merchandise including T-Shirts, Hoodies, USB Cards and Minis. Check it out in our backerkit store  here and grab you Merch as long as it lasts!

minis mockup

February Update and new Add-On

primetide - 23.02.2016 8:56PM

Following a short server downtime the new “Missions” Add-on will release on the 23rd of February on Steam and GreenManGaming. It contains four new jobs and maps – available after you have played the Lockdown campaign. These location maps that have randomized enemy types (some new Elite versions of exisiting enemies amongst them) and spawn locations and even mission goal locations, so each playthrough should feel markedly different. Read More

Shadowrun Minis

primetide - 19.02.2016 11:10PM

Anybody interested in some Shadowrun minis? Cliffhanger is working with our friends at Prodos Games to create the minis as backer rewards for our kickstarter (only 2 years delay in delivering them) and we made some extra, cause we thought folks might like them.

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primetide - 14.01.2016 12:56PM

Hi all, returning from my overdue and much needed holidays after last year’s turbulences, I wanted to give you a little update on what we are planning for Shadowrun Chronicles here at Cliffhanger. Read More