We use external companies to provide and serve adverts or other technologies on our websites (eg to collect website statistics or to enable sharing of buttons or widgets). These companies may use information (not including personally identifiable information such as your name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to personalize advertisements on this site or other sites and /or to personalize certain features on our site and/or to provide anonymised aggregated statistics concerning use of our site or use of certain features on our site which are shared with other sites (eg buttons or widgets linking to our site). We do not have access to or control over cookies or other technologies that these third parties may use and the information practices of these advertisers and technology companies are not covered by this policy.

Furthermore, information collected from our users by third parties providing goods or services (including adverts) at or via our websites may be shared by those third parties with us and stored by us for the purposes stated in this policy.

Be very careful before making or posting any communications on our websites. Certain information is visible to other players of the game including: public and private chat communications, the appearance of your characters and your experience points. Players who include you on their friends list can see which in-game world you are playing on.

If you have agreed on our websites, we may provide your email address to our business partners so that they can send you emails with details of goods or services which may be of interest to you including information about special offers or promotions.

Safeguarding your personally identifiable information
We will only collect personally identifiable information to the extent we believe it reasonably necessary to serve our legitimate business purposes, and will protect it using the same level of safeguards we use to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of our own equivalent proprietary information. In addition, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that third parties to whom we transfer any personally identifiable information in accordance with this policy will agree to provide sufficient protection. We may store or transfer personal information outside the European Economic Area for the purposes stated in this policy.

Note that while we strive to protect all our personally identifiable information, we have all heard of data breaches in well-respected financial and governmental institutions and we cannot ever fully guarantee that such breaches will not happen. We will inform you of any material data breaches that we discover that may compromise your personally identifiable information.