Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy of Cliffhanger Productions Software GmbH and any companies within our group (referred to collectively as “Cliffhanger Productions”). It applies to all of our websites / services (referred to collectively as “our websites”) on which it appears.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and take special measures to ensure the confidentiality of personally identifiable information collected from or about you. This privacy policy explains how we collect, store and use such personally identifiable information. (“Personally identifiable information” is information that identifies you and can be used to contact or locate you in real life, such as your real full name, e-mail address, mobile telephone number, postal address or credit card information.)

Please read this policy carefully. Your accepting it in full is a condition of your use of our websites (whether or not you are a subscriber). If you do not agree with this policy, or any part, please do not use our websites. Your using any of our websites is treated as an acceptance of the version of this policy in effect at the time of your use.

We may change this policy at any time. Please check it whenever you return to the site. We will treat your continued use of our websites as acceptance of these changes from their effective date as shown above.

References to “Terminating” an account include all or any of: locking / suspending, temporarily banning or permanently banning the account.

What personally identifiable information do we collect and store?
No personally identifiable information is collected when you merely access the public areas of our websites or when you play our games.

We collect and store information which you voluntarily provide via forms or otherwise on our websites, electronic or other communications with us. You may opt-out of providing any such information by simply choosing not to complete the form requesting the information, and hence choosing not to use that particular service.