My Upcoming Fantasy Series - Secrets of the Rainbow Bridge


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Hey Chummers,

I posted some fan-fiction on here, and now I have another kind of fiction to share. Get ready for a new Faery epic that takes place in the otherworld! Introducing Secrets of the Rainbow Bridge!


Here is the blurb:

"The Light is quickly vanishing in the Otherworld of elves and faeries. As the old and new ways struggle against each other, little hope of reconciliation remains. Fealty to technology usurps the miracle of nature, but at a terrible cost no one fully understands. Yet, with the coming of the year between the ages – the Liminal year – a new hero will embark upon en epic adventure to discover the truth of his own Nature and heal the realm."

The campaign page has a gallery filled with beautiful artwork, so don't miss out. There's also ten chapters for FREE.

Thank You!

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