Bug Fixes for Beta 1.2.0

Jeff HBS

Jeff HBS ( Administrator HBS Dev )

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edited February 2014
  • Doors and AI have smarter shoving to push them forward if it closes on them
  • Actors use doors more intelligently, reduced use from a sharp angle
  • Fixed an issue that caused the non-archetype Troll to gain massive HP boosts.
  • Fixed an issue that caused IC to spawn with incorrect HP values.
  • Fixed issues with rebelled AI spirits not attacking after their master dies
  • [Triggers] Fixed an issue with Any and All tags returning incorrect value.
  • [Triggers] Fixed an issue where wait for resumed from the wrong step in true and false branches
  • [Options] Fixed bug where checkboxes would check/uncheck after the screen loaded.
  • [Windows Touch] Fixed full screen keyboard input on windows.
  • [Hiring] Fixed bug with equipment being swapped between hirelings.
  • [Editor] Fixed issues in the hackable node tab.
  • [Debug] Fixed command “execute ” where x is the name of the trigger
  • [Debug] Disable keyboard hotkeys while typing in the command console field
  • [Save] Fixed duplicate player bug.
  • [Save] Fixed bug where some data was being retained during scene transitions.
  • [Save] Fixed bug where raining begins on load.
  • [Save] Fixed bug where saving to a new slot could sometimes overwrite the core autosave.
  • [Save] Fixing bug where cyberware cooldowns were reset after loading from a save.
  • [Barriers/Buffs] Fixing issue where barriers would not last as long as they should.
  • [HUD] Fixing issue where portraits are not updated when going into combat mode.
  • [PDA] Character sheets now show character's max HP as well as their current HP
  • [AI] Improved AI Turn speed
  • [DMS] Fixing bug where Dodger is the only hireable in the Telestrian mission.
  • [Gameplay] Fixed stun immunity
  • [Gameplay] Fixed issue with free spirits attacking neutral shopkeepers
  • [AI] Allow AI to attack new enemies and forget old enemies when they switch teams
  • [AI] Prevent AI from attacking their teammates
  • [Save] Fixed bug where Nuyen increases on load
  • [DMS] Duplicate hireling removed from Telestrian Office run
  • [Save] Fixed bug where Nuyen is lost
  • [Save] Fixed bug where story variables dropped from save file
  • [AI] AI moving in freemove no longer cause player to wait
  • [Gameplay] Chainshot hits all selected targets

    Bug Fixes found in Beta 1.2.0 RC4
  • [Save] Turning off the ability to toggle on Hardcore mode.
  • [Save] Fixing migration issue with rewinding to a combat scene.
  • [Save] Fixing some drag issues when deleting entries.
  • [Save] Adding safety check to remapping.
  • [Save] Don't play triggered sounds on load unless they're looping.
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with triggers which set vulnerabilities
  • [Bugfix] Fixed some issues with AI taking a long pause to attack when on the edge of fog of war
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with additional HP added on Cyberware install.
  • [Bugfix] More clear distinction to prevent combatants from spawning inside collision tile, ambient actors can spawn wherever
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue where stunned actors who are attacked again would freeze in place
  • [Bugfix] Safeguard to prevent the only player from being removed from the party if UGC sets them to AI controlled
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with barriers being used on occupied tiles
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issues with in-scene detain transitions regarding drones and spirits
  • [Bugfix] Fixed some issues with IC appearing white.
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue that prevented confused actor to attack team or ally
  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with a door closing on an AI player, now will shove forward and out
  • [Bugfix] Fixing bug where user could attempt to Doc Wagon an already revived target.
  • [VFX] Creating a way to continuously loop a VFX
  • [Editor] Adding toggle to show triggering actor window during conversations.
  • [Editor] Adding toggle to allow player movement beyond camera regions.

    Bug Fixes found in Beta 1.2.0 RC5
  • [Bugfix] Fix issue causing conversation option to be locked out
  • [UI] Fix issue causing enemy to show blue team disk
  • [Bugfix] Fix issue causing incorrect HP after character creation
  • [Save] Fix to issue where PC could be duplicated when rewinding a save to combat scene
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