A recent interview with Jordan Wesiman about Shadowrun


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Hoi Chummers!

I just came across this article. Enjoy! http://www.esperino.com/interview-jordan-weisman-of-harebrained-schemes-shadowrun-returns ^_^

Ja Mata!

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    More interviews! :D

    Thats the best part about two games in Dev: There are news twice as often! :lol:
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    It's a good time for us news-graving people :)
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    My, just when I think I'm done postponing reading that economical report, new material to read erupts !

    Thanks a lot for the heads up.
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    No, we’re going to put a fairly large amount of tactical options for the player. It is turn-based and we did that intentionally because we wanted to be able to have that enormous depth of tactical so you know, when you choose a gun, you can not only select what kind of gun you want to use but what firing mode. Is it in single-shot or is it in burst, or is it in full-auto?

    You know, are you taking an aim shot or suppression fire, or snap shot? Those are the kind of options we’re trying to make readily accessible, and that obviously is very deep detail and that requires a turn-based kind of nature.
    Lovely. Just lovely.

    Very interesting also to read about the transition from to top-down to isometric, and the decisions that came with budgeting.

    Really need to bring that "phases of development jam to completion, that's something that could prove useful to future generations (cue dramatic music).
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