Slamm-O! - 21.12.2012 8:17AM

December 21, 2074: Seattle, UCAS

All right all you hackslacks, time to get to work. I logged some serious time and danced with the nastiest IC I’ve seen in a while to bring this chunk of big-time paydata to you. A solid team of my chummers are split between licking their wounds at a safehouse in the barrens and exercising their DocWagon contracts, so you all best appreciate this. Oh yeah, and best of all, I’m giving it to you for FREE, so Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, Glad Yule, or just You’re Welcome Chummer.

Since FastJack’s invite hit our little corner of the Matrix I’ve only made one run at the Orbital grid, ’cause that’s all I needed to know. We are done playing this game with modded ‘links and cracked ‘ware. My attention has been on locating the source of this new paradigm and maybe getting ahead of the learning curve. Though from what I’m throwing out to the rest of you, I’m not sure that’s going to be as easy to do as it is to say. I’m all for the mythical hacker revolution we like to buy into, but right now we’re going to need some hacker evolution or we’ll be throwing our ‘links as weapons for all the good they’ll do us.

For those of you who don’t live your life on the ‘trix, feel free to read the memos attached, but let me break the meaning of that code down for you.


It’s gobbledygook that my ‘link, no matter how I tweak my ‘wares, can’t make heads or tails of, and every time I run a program it’s tagging my ‘link with some kind of mark. It almost reminded me of a virtual RFID. I’ve worked on dropping the marks, but the programs to get rid of them add more. I did my tests on a closed system so the VRFID’s weren’t transmitting anywhere, but I got a feeling I know where they’ll transmit once this new grid is up and running.

So for now enjoy the benefits that having a solid hacker in your outfit, because soon they may be relegated to the role of glorified search engine since all their top-notch skills and gear are going to be worth about as much as a broken, antique cyberdeck is today.

But don’t be totally disheartened. We hackers are a resilient lot, and I have no desire to stop shredding IC and digging up corporate dirt. I plan to crack this problem. Now for everyone out there, when you’re hitting any system even remotely connected to MCT, NeoNET, or S-K, scour it for paydata, schematics, codebase, or anything else that might be related to this and get it to your favorite local JackPoint hacker.

Now I don’t want to be all doom and gloom this holiday season so let me brighten your day with a little reminder that we are only ten days away from the official redistricting of Seattle and the acknowledgement of the Ork Underground as the latest Seattle District.

Okay, maybe I am all doom and gloom.

Happy Holidays!!!

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