Wayna’s Journal, August 2075

wayna - 24.08.2013 1:11AM

17 August 2075

Got back from Arcana Camp yesterday. I made a lot of friends, way cooler kids than any of the stupid mundanes in the neighborhood. I learned so much in two weeks, way more than I’ve learned in six years of school, it was totally wicked. Naira’s pretending to be annoyed that her little brother is back, but she’s really happy I’m here. They had a class on reading auras at camp, so she can’t hide from me. Mom and Dad know a lot more about magic cuz they’ve been working at the UW forever, so the aura-reading trick isn’t working on them. I’ll get a peek eventually, though. Read More


Wears-A-Three-Piece - 09.08.2013 2:39PM

By now we’ve all heard about the malfunctions that have been called a glitch by the corporations, the nanobot uprising by crazy people, and some kind of tech-based virus by the slightly more intelligent folks on JackPoint. Whatever might be really going on, it’s become pretty clear that nanotech isn’t as reliable as it used to be. Read More


edinu - 12.07.2013 12:35PM

> I can’t begin to describe the rage this racist little article inspires, and yet it’s really the best phrase book I’ve seen around. Feel free to curse with great vigor while you read it—it will help your pronunciation.

> Snopes Read More


Downrange - 28.06.2013 9:50AM

When I got my new Presnost-5 smartgun system, I was amazed at what it could do. It comes with the new grid-based technology, and it harnesses all that computing power to give me ballistic lines based on up-to-the-nanosecond atmospheric conditions, kinetic predictions based on my own movements, and it even provides a gentle tug bringing my aim in line. Forget about putting a smiley face on the paper target, I was signing my name on it. This is the absolute bleeding edge of smartgun tech, and I was gonna put that edge on the streets. Read More

The Taxman Cometh!

Kay St. Irregular - 25.05.2013 3:44AM

Picture this: You are at home watching an urban brawl match in your apartment or home. You are reclining for the evening, not worried about the next Mr. Johnson or the next job. And that is when you here a door knock. When you go to answer said door, you see someone innocuous standing in front of your doorstep in a cheap business suit. When you talk to them, you find out it’s an UCAS IRS agent. Read More

Knight Errant conducts crackdowns on illegal street clinics claiming “public health nuisance”

Hippocrates24 - 17.05.2013 3:15PM

Damn Knight Errant bastards! Giving me a fragging headache is what they’re doing. So get this: they’re conducting crackdowns on street clinics throughout the ‘plex. I’ve heard they’re also doing crackdowns in other sprawls where they hold the security contracts, but at this moment, all I’m concerned about right now is Seattle where my humble street clinic is located. Read More

Lone Star’s Top Five Most Wanted for April 2075

Sticks - 26.04.2013 12:18PM

Some people have contacted me with interest about Lone Star’s Top Five Most Wanted for the month of April. Some like to read these lists for the fun of it. Others like to keep tabs of others’ escapades, and see if what others’ criminal actions encroach on their interests in any way. Some look to these wanted lists as opportunities for jobs, such as collecting the bounties on these individuals’ heads. And still others — I’m looking at you, Kane — like to look at these lists to find out how far up on the list they’ve made it. Read More

Who won the elections in Tsimshian?

Underground Shaman - 12.04.2013 9:51PM

With multiple recounts and court challenges in five of the nine races (complicated by the use of actual paper ballots), the outcome of the Tsimshian election has been somewhat in doubt these last couple of months. The last of the recounts was completed yesterday, and the Tsimshian election has finally been certified. Here are the results of that (very broken) council election. Read More

Aftermath of Dragons

Ecotope - 29.03.2013 8:52PM

> I am spreading this manifest of the autonomist group ¡Essenza Rossa! because their cause is just. In a rational world, that would be reason enough.

> Ecotope Read More

Habemus Papam!

Fianchetto - 15.03.2013 5:39PM

It is official. We have a (new) Pope. After five days of conclave, the cardinals finally voted with a clear majority. White smoke rose from the Sistine Chapel announcing the new Holy Father and was met with loud cheers on St. Peter’s Square (as well as all over Rome where I am still joining the Party), where people had been camping for days looking and blogging for signs or black or white smoke. Read More