A Reisen for the Season

Captain Chaos - 28.12.2012 1:52PM

>>>>>[Came across this little not-quite-public tidbit of news, and I figured some of you might benefit from knowing it.

You know that metahuman-rights activist who often pops up on the Seattle circuit, Laura “The Reason” Reisen? That far-too-attractive human campaigning for equality on behalf of metahumanity? Read More

Happy Awakening day, everyone!

Captain Chaos - 21.12.2012 9:22AM

>>>>>[Good morning, ladies and not-so-gentlefolk! Captain Chaos here. Welcome to this year’s installment of Awakening Day!

Most of you who got your education on the street or here on Shadowland will know the Awakening started today, forty-two years ago. To be truthful, the whole of 2011 was pretty much a banner year for crazy drek hitting the industrial fan, but historians and magical scholars believe today, December 21st, was the day the Fifth World officially gave birth to the Sixth World we live in. Read More