April Madness

Captain Chaos - 19.04.2013 1:31PM

>>>>>[Another month has gone by, and both Four Points Distribution and Intercostal Shipping Corporation have moved most of their business northward. That brings the total to ten A-rated corporations who have moved out of Portland. What does this mean to us? Well, it makes it bloody difficult to smuggle anything or anyone into the country. Already the price of Cal-hots have tripled thanks to the decree in traffic. The prices of other chips and drugs will probably follow suit. Some of the more talented folk around here are a bit wary of taking on any high-profile jobs as they worry there won’t be an easy escape route. Sunny Jim took an airship out of Klamath Falls while Tír military erects a camp a stone’s throw away from his hideout. These are strange times for us.]<<<<<

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Urban Mana Lines: What does it mean?

Captain Chaos - 04.04.2013 10:01PM

>>>>>[Some people believe that geomancy is for those crazy shamans outside the cities talking to trees or those elven druids and ancient stone markers. Well, that may work with some shamans and druids, but there are some mana lines that appear and persist because of cities built by man. Read More

Missing Persons

Trace - 22.03.2013 10:15PM

Once upon a time, when a dead body turned up in a downtown alley you immediately knew who was responsible. Stabbing deaths on 5th Avenue meant the Halloweeners did the cutting, blunt force trauma south of Novelty Hill Road was the work of the Crimson Crush, and so on. Read More

A Dragon Statesman

Conspir-I-See - 08.03.2013 2:36PM

This comes from a contact at Immigration and Naturalization Services. Someone in Dunkelzahn’s inner circle is making inquiries about the dragon receiving UCAS citizenship. You might remember when the Big D premiered Wyrm Talk back in ’42, his very first episode touched on the idea of the new equality in an Awakened world. He essentially admitted to species hierarchy and the racial superiority most dragons presume over humanity. So, why then would a dragon want to bother with national citizenship? To run for office, of course. Read More

ShadowLand Gun Node Weekly Chat

Wedge - 15.02.2013 10:40AM

>>>>>[Welcome to Gun Node, the place where some of the folks who know what they’re talking about firearms come and educate the deckers who frequent ShadowLand. With me tonight is the infamous Hatchetman! ]<<<<<

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Who’s Who at Club Penumbra

Captain Chaos - 25.01.2013 5:55PM

>>>>>[Club Penumbra, chummers! I’ve hit the big time! Concrete Dreams, cold beer from real barley and hops, and a nice gig that I won’t talk about. But the thing that surprised me is that there was this punk of an ork in the crowd that wasn’t even trying to blend in. How’d he get past the bouncer?]<<<<<

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Universal Brotherhood: Awesome, or Just Great?

Captain Chaos - 18.01.2013 3:12PM

>>>>>[So, we’ve heard all the items about how the Universal Brotherhood “must be up to something” because they’re “too good to be true.” Well, before you jump on the conspiracy train, here’s something you should know: I wouldn’t be here if not for them. See, I got a very nasty bit of shrapnel from … something, and I was out for a while. When I came to, I was being chewed on by some devil rats. Yeah, it was not a good day for me. So, too far away from any street doc that I’d be willing to trust and out of nuyen, I slagged my way to the free UB Clinic. Just a few hours later I was shrapnel free, with an anti-viral shot coursing through my veins. I even got a bowl of thin soup, all for the high-high price of hearing someone preach about togetherness and other fun things. Don’t worry, paranoiacs out there—I didn’t drink the flavor-mix. Read More

About the things happening in the Az-Pyramid …

Captain Chaos - 11.01.2013 10:45AM

>>>>>[I … I just don’t know where to begin with this one.

I know people—mundanes and magical scholars alike—are always saying humankind has barely scratched the surface of all there is to learn about magic, and what I just lived through proves that a thousand times over. Read More

The Cutters are planning something big …

Captain Chaos - 04.01.2013 12:00AM

>>>>>[Okay, scan this. Yesterday, an encrypted note from Four-Oh-Four, a fellow decker and a good chummer of mine, popped into my inbox. When I cracked the code, the message listed a private LTG number and a passcode. Less than an hour later, I got confirmation that Four-Oh-Four was dead. Following the delivery headers of the original message only confirmed my suspicions: the message came from a dead-man’s trigger and was sent the moment she permanently checked out of the Sixth World. Read More