Shadowrun Online - 30.08.2013 2:49PM

If you remember, it was two years ago when the first bioware models were released to the public. I was a bit (read very) flush at the time, so I was one of the first to get a vat-enhanced muscular system. I figured I’d check back in with y’all every few years to let you know how it was going—side effects, cancer, epilepsy, etc.


So far so good. I have a chummer who had his entire musculature replaced by a cybernetic enhancement, and while his ‘ware hasn’t started acting up yet, I noticed that he has a lot of trouble with his immune system—the guy always seems sick. Our mutual shaman buddy claims that his connection with the aetherial plane has been greatly reduced (whatever that means).


I’m feeling a lot better than he is, so far—if there’s any comparison to be made between his ‘ware and mine, that’s the big “pro” in favor of bioware. No immune system compromise, and shaman pal has a lot less trouble casting spooky spells on me than our chromed friend. Dunno if that’s a good thing or not…


>>>>>[I’m aware of another case that had an experimental nervous system restructuring done, touted as bioware’s answer to wired reflexes. All the folks I’ve seen with wired reflexes experience some major deterioration; some of ‘em wind up fully debilitated about ten years down the road. Not seeing any signs of that kind of deterioration from the bioware version, but it’s too early to tell for sure.]<<<<<

–Doctor Money (21:18:04/07-25-54)


>>>>>[I have word that CrashCart may be using Seattle to covertly “field test” some ‘ware—the wires and silicon kind—that’s supposed to be the next generation of wired reflexes. It seems they haven’t worked out all the bugs yet. On an unrelated topic, any of you watched the news lately? KOMA seems to have a real anchor problem.]<<<<<

–Buddy (21:20:04/07-25-54)


>>>>>[I have no idea what you’re getting at.]<<<<<

–Facer X (21:21:13/07-25-54)


Obviously bioware is still prohibitively expensive. Most guys in the shadows won’t be able to afford them now—give it maybe another decade and let the corps get a chance to start a good ol’ price war.


Also, seems like what I got installed is a lot less effective for the money I spent than the old stuff would have been. No idea yet what kinds of physiological problems I’ll get to experience with this ‘ware, too soon to really know in the long term.


>>>>>[You’re a shadowrunner, right? What makes you think there’s even going to be a long term?]<<<<<

–Findler-Man (21:24:22/07-25-54)


>>>>>[Shadowland is all about optimism.]<<<<<

–CreatureFeature (21:26:31/07-25-54)