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Usually I don’t have much time to talk here, but I wanted to share a bit of information that I thought was important, but too sparse for a formal essay or manuscript. In case you haven’t heard about the tragic plane accident over the Atlantic Ocean, here is a snip from today’s CAS Archaeology Review:


“A chartered plane loaded with priceless relics from an MIT&T dig site went down in the Atlantic earlier today. Initial reports indicate that the plane suffered engine trouble about twenty minutes before contact was lost. The crash site is in deep water about a hundred miles west of Savannah, Georgia. Rescue teams dispatched to the crash site have found no signs of wreckage or survivors.”


So far, the search for the seventeen souls aboard the ship, including noted Drs. Vera Kelley and Bernard Gaussman, has yielded no result. This is tragic, but so too is the loss of any knowledge we might have gleaned from this expedition.


The fall of Atlantis is said by many scholars to have marked the end of the Fourth World. Some wish to uncover the lost city to learn what befell it, in order to prevent such tragedies in the future (if they can be prevented).


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