Merlin - 05.07.2013 10:08AM

>>>>>[More scary weirdness from our elven friends in the Tír. After last month’s newsblips about the corps vanishing from Portland, a lot of colleagues were trampling over each other to get out of the Tír, but I was rearing to get in. I had just concluded, in a refreshingly peaceful manner, an “import arrangement” with some enterprising young orks and trolls in the Gypsy Wheelers. My ride out of town wasn’t happening for at least another twenty-four hours, so I took a road trip up to Crater Lake to see just how blue that water really is, and what it looks like on the astral.

Just my luck, chummer, that I get through a major BTL deal without a shot being fired only to almost get geeked by being a tourist. The Tír Peace Force has mobilized a battalion-strength force out of their main base at Hayden Slough, just west of Salem. They were moving in with the works—light LAVs landing, taking off, and patrolling, along with eye-in-the-sky drones and helo gunships supporting the VTOLs/t-birds. Ground forces in GMC MPUVs were driving around the outside of the caldera, setting up a security perimeter with sensor posts. I managed to slink away without getting detained and questioned like the other poor tourists; I had to fight back the urge to cast an invisibility spell first. I didn’t see them, but I know the Tír probably had a whole hornet’s nest of spirits stirred up.

Anyone know why they’re treating Crater Lake like you can go fishing for nuclear fuel rods there all of a sudden?]<<<<<

—Merlin (19:41:12/7-5-54)


>>>>>[I heard that the Tír maintains a top secret bioweapons plant in Christmas Valley, just a stone’s throw from there. Maybe something they cooked up got out. Scary thought, neh?]<<<<<

—Rip (19:55:07/7-5-54)


>>>>>[That lab is owned by the Tír Government, but the government outsources its management to Telestrian Industries. TIC hasn’t mobilized its spin-control machine, so I’m not sure that anything’s gone down at Christmas Valley.]<<<<<

—Firewatcher (20:02:45/7-5-54)


>>>>>[This must have something to do with Lacrima, who’s a Tír celebrity-eccentric and a self-styled “magic historian.” His latest revelatory ranting is about the research he’s been doing at Crater Lake. A week back he announced he knew exactly when the volcano erupted to form the lake, and could prove it: 3454 BC, July 22, 09:35 hours. For once, the scientific community responded with shocked silence rather than derision. And now this is happening.]<<<<<

—Winterhawk (20:22:16/7-5-54)


>>>>>[I’ll ask my grandma, I think she was around back then.]<<<<<

— Wester (20:30:30/7-5-54)


>>>>>[Whatever it is, none of us should get too curious about it. The latest satfeed I hacked shows heavily armored troopers and combat mages covering the area from every angle, and if the thing had an astral band on it, I bet dollars to donuts you’d see paranormal watch critters and guardian spirits floating about too. Not to mention the dozen rotodrones flying a constant patrol circuit, and the two F-B Eagles maintaining constant orbit. Trying to even eyeball the lake right now seems like suicide.]<<<<<

—Electric Eye (21:00:56/7-5-54)


>>>>>[Some puzzles have forgotten how to solve themselves, but the pieces know, and one day we will all remember.]<<<<<

—Man-of-Many-Names (21:32:23/7-5-54)


>>>>>[Well that clears things up just wiz, thanks a lot.]<<<<<

—Bleys (21:50:39/7-5-54)