I’m Joining the Universal Brotherhood

Grondo - 07.06.2013 8:34AM

Okay, I’ve been seeing a lot of postings lately about the UB and how great they are for the community, so I decided to check it out. I’ve got a few friends who’ve made use of their services and attended some of their meetings, and they all raved about how inspirational it was. My life’s kind of been in the drekker lately, so I figured I could use a little inspiration.

>>>>>[I know Grondo, and he’s not kidding. He just lost his sister and his little niece a couple of weeks ago when some old enemies came looking for him and found them instead. I hope this can help him out.]<<<<<

—Melly (18:22:14/06-07-54)

I went to one of their “Discovery Meetings” last week, just to see what it was all about. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. I know some people are suspicious of the UB and think it’s some kind of cult, but I never once felt coerced or pressured. They didn’t even ask me for money. All I felt were these amazing waves of love and acceptance. The people running the meeting talked about how great it was to finally realize your full potential—how most of us just kind of sleepwalk through life and never realize what we can be. That really spoke to me.

>>>>>[Everybody I’ve talk to who’s interacted with the UB, whether to get patched up, get a meal at their soup kitchens, or attend one of their informational meetings, has said the same thing. These guys sound too good to be true, but we’re all so cynical these days. Maybe good things do sometimes happen.]<<<<<

—Topper (21:32:23/06-08-54)

I went home and slept on it—I’m not an idiot or naive, and I wanted to make sure that what they said to me still reached me after I got away from their little reality distortion field at the chapterhouse. Surprised the hell out of me that it did. I can’t even explain it, but that feeling of meaning in my life didn’t seem like it was going to go away.

>>>>>[I just don’t trust that place. No data to back it up, but I keep getting reminded of another similar organization back around the turn of the century that seemed just as benign but ended up being up to nothing good. I hope Grondo doesn’t get in over his head.]<<<<<

—Skeptic (01:17:52/06-09-54)

The next step is to attend one of their one-on-one meetings where I learn more about the UB and decide whether I want to get more involved. I’ve made an appointment for tonight. I’ll let you guys know how it goes. Wish me luck—I really could use something good in my life right now.

>>>>>[It’s been a week since Grondo posted last. Anybody heard from him?]<<<<<

—Zed (10:27:12/06-15-54)

>>>>>[Not me. We were supposed to have lunch last Thursday but he didn’t show up. I went by his doss and nobody was home.]<<<<<

—Ubiquitous Trinket (11:52:22/06-15-54)

>>>>>[I saw him a few days ago. I tried to interest him in a run that I was putting together but he said he was out of the biz. Said he’d found something better to do with his life. He looked a little strange, but I might just have been because I’d never seen him smile before.]<<<<<

—Frankie (13:43:38/06-15-54)